20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts… She’ll Treasure #11 For The Rest Of Her Life.

20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts… She’ll Treasure #11 For The Rest Of Her Life. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Avoid the stress of going to the mall, trying to figure out what to get your mom this year. Instead, make her something she will love and cherish forever. Involve the kids and just have fun in the process. You may be starting a new family tradition.Paint the vase in a bright summer color, avoiding the area where the photo will be placed. Once the paint dries, use tape to hold the printed image.

A pendant with your favorite design, beads, and wire will make this colorful suncatcher.

If you are going to give mom cupcakes, do it with flair. Use a cute planter and place a styrofoam ball inside it. Carefully place a toothpick under the cupcake and attach it to the styrofoam. Green tissue paper gives the illusion of leaves. Great thing, mom can use the planter after devouring the cupcakes.

Purchase a set of four or six tiles from your local hardware store. Print your favorite photos and cut them in the same size as the squares. Use Mod Podge as glue for the base and and on top of the image.

Fill a jar with things your momma will love: chocolate, lip balm and Starbucks coffee. The possibilities are endless.

Cut and shape cardboard letters. Hot glue the green foam to the base and add the flowers. You can also hot glue the flowers to the foam.

Cotton swabs will be used as paint brushes to dot-paint the glasses. Use a variety of enamel acrylic paint colors. Let the paint dry. Bake the tumblers at 350°F for 30 minutes . Leave them in the oven for an hour for cooling.

Sometimes mom needs a little TLC. Fill a jar with anti-bacterial wipes, energy bars and even a mascara.

For the moms that don’t always have time to get a pedicure, bring the spa to her own home. For an extra bonus, buy a nail polish in her favorite color.

One cup of salt, one cup of flour and 1/2 cup of water is the beginning of this gift. Mix and make it in to a heart shape. Gently place your child’s feet to create the imprint. Use a knife to write your kid’s name and year. Bake at about 200F for three hours. Paint the heart and let it dry.

Use the same recipe as above. First, place your hand firmly but gently. Follow by placing your child’s hand on top of yours. Using a knife, carve the leaves. Bake it and paint it afterwards.

Make magnets with a theme. Scrapbook paper is a great start. Purchase flat glass marble from a crafts store. Cut out the paper larger than the marble. Apply Mod Podge on the flat side of the marble and place the paper underneath it. Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Cut around the edges. Apply glue to the magnet placed on the back of the marble.

You can make this terranium or simply give all the supplies in a pretty box for the garden lover. The materials needed are: rocks and stones as filler, rocks and stones as decoration, activated charcoal, potting soil, plants (ferns and mosses), preserved moss and billy buttons.

Take an old cutting board and give it a new life by attaching a heartfelt message and two memorable photos.

No need to have an art degree for this project. You can draw a simple tree with enough branches for all the big and small thumbs in the family to make their heart fruit.

Flowers are always are great to receive. Flowers made with little hands and feet in colorful paints, last forever.

Kids are going to use their hands to make flowers, feet as the wings for a butterfly to make this adorable apron.

Take the planter box lying around and use it as an art caddy with mason jars holding all the required supplies for the bohemian mom. You can paint it or keep it rustic.

To make an apricot sugar scrub only three ingredients are required: 4 ounces apricot oil, 1 cup granulated sugar and soap colorant (optional). Make sure to place it in an air tight container.

Take a plain wooden tray and paint it your favorite color. Add glue and apply washi tape. There are so many options for tape designs to choose from.

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