20 Dog Hacks That Every Human Needs To Know About.

20 Dog Hacks That Every Human Needs To Know About. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Life hacks are some of the greatest things us humans can create. We encounter a problem and we fix it with the most simplest of methods. We get creative when thinking of a solution. Humans are also equally great for creatively thinking of solutions to their dogs’ problems. From making a mini wheelchair for a handicapped dog to building a self ball-launching fetch machine, dog owners really have thought of it all. Dogs are after all man’s best friend and what kind of best friend are we if we’re not constantly thinking of the best ways for our dogs to live.Who makes a better assistant than man’s best friend?

Installed holes specifically for the dogs’ heads. Who thinks of these things?

This is too brilliant. Guaranteed good photo every time.

You create a 3D printed walker! Look at how cute this mini sized dog looks in a mini sized walker.

This only works for dogs with big fluffy ears. And even with big fluffy ears, please let their ears down immediately after!

The owner who built this machine is genius. Now the little guy can play with himself all day.

You gotta dress them all within a theme. For example here, the corgi avengers.

This is the greatest dog door ever, EVER.

You make his or her life as comfortable as you can! This owner is doing it right.

Peeping outside has never been easier.

They set the rules, these guys are just following them.

Ice AND treats on a hot day? These dogs have it too good.

This 80-year-old man built the train himself! Just so he can take these strays on daily morning adventures… if he’s not the greatest person ever, I don’t know who is.

What better surprise than a pit of balls?!

A home-made wheelchair… this makes my heart melt.

A mini compartment within your bed! Now they can technically sleep together, win win situation.

Best dog tag ever. Plain and simple.

You have to take advantage of the short time they have left with that cone of them.

Great project to do for a person who has old sweaters they no longer wear.

Now he won’t run into things! GENIUS.

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