20 Fails That Will Make You Despair For The Future Of Humanity.

20 Fails That Will Make You Despair For The Future Of Humanity. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

**Common sense.** Despite its name and its meaning, the ability to behave in a reasonable way and make good decisions, the older I get, the more I realize that common sense isn’t so common after all. There are certain moments in life that restore my faith in humanity. You know, when you hold the door open for a stranger or when someone returns your lost wallet. In my own brain, I feel as though these things, kindness in short, should be common sense. And then there are moments that make you wonder what the hell goes on in the minds of other people. Below, you’ll find everyday scenes — a girl on a train, rollback prices at a discount store, a bakery section — that look a little bit off because someone completely missed the point! Brace yourself for I can already feel my faith in humanity slowly slipping away. Let’s just hope there’s an explanation behind all these photos.Sometimes highlighting sentences can help you focus, but there’s got to be another way, man.

There’s a fire, but first, lemme wash my truck. My good man, you only had one job!

“What does ‘NO’ mean on this switch?”

Waking up is hard. Not all of us can be morning people, but putting your jeans on backwards is on another level! Wonder how far this person went before someone pointed it out.

No, you cannot have my eight cents, AriZona.

“Excuse me, sir, but what do you mean I can’t park my ship here?”

Some shops advertise by example. You know you can trust their products because it works for them. Unless you want to Jackson Pollock your house, you should probably find your paint elsewhere.

I can’t even look at this. Planes cost millions of dollars to build.

“Look, a big tub! Now, I can do some yoga!” Don’t understand how this is impressive or safe.

Whoever made this “accessible” restroom assumed that a few steps weren’t too huge of a barrier.

She didn’t have a garden vacuum so she used a regular one, and she decided to dress for the occasion.

Unfortunately, not all of us can fly to Japan this December for the World Cup.

The only surprise is that they ruined the surprise… Thanks a lot M CakeShop.

Not sure how you’ll be going green with a car like this.

Hope you’re going to fix that parking, ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s more than 18 inches from the curb.

Getting her workout for the day, I see.

“Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun.”

We’re only human. Sometimes we park incorrectly when we go to fill up. No problem, we can simply correct it. Or we can gas up anyway….

I can only imagine the reviews for this mount now. “I was really excited for this mount, but don’t believe the reviews. This will not work for your TV! Save your money.”

You’ll see a lot of strange things at the gym, but a chair on the treadmill? Come on, people. If you’re only there for the TV, just stay home.

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