20 Funny Memes Especially Created For People Who Hate Mondays.

20 Funny Memes Especially Created For People Who Hate Mondays. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Mondays are the worst! Even before the weekend is over, you’re obsessing over the fact that the week is about to start, and you’re just not ready for it. But why do we dislike this day more than any other? It’s simple because it serves as a constant reminder that we’re still a good 5 days away from the weekend. So, for those of you experiencing another manic Monday where you wish it was Sunday, here are some Monday memes that will get you through the day.You’re having your worst Monday since Monday. We totally get the feeling. But look at the bright side. You’re only hours away from Tuesday!

It’s like the whole freaking universe turned against you and made today Monday… yuck!

The worst part is that we’re the ones who invented the concept of time, so the joke’s on us. Whoever decided that work weeks needed to last 5 days need to get punched in the face. Seriously. We need to go back in time.

Sure, Mondays suck, but perhaps we’re getting all riled up over nothing. Maybe we need to change the way we look at things, right? Ugh, who are kidding? Mondays are pure and agonizing death!

Aren’t you glad Friday is finally here? Oh, wait! It seemed like days, but sadly, it’s still Monday. Yup. You may be daydreaming of better days when you had nothing else to do but Netflix and chill.

Weekends are the greatest two days of the week. Then Monday hits and you’re like ugh… this sucks! But even when you didn’t go out partying, you still feel like you got hit by a million bricks.

All you’ve got to do is stay on autopilot mode until Thursday rolls by. But if you choose to doze off, you better hope and pray your boss doesn’t realize you’re not really there.

You can’t freeze time. Staying awake all night on Sunday won’t stop Monday from happening either. And to make things worse, only a handful of people actually win the lottery. Ugh!

Go ahead and sink your head in the bed and hope the world doesn’t notice you’re missing.

You’re also dreaming about Friday, and your two baes, Saturday and Sunday. Sorry, Monday. We just can’t get enough of the weekend!

But hey! At least they’re paying you to be at the office. Might as well make the best of it, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if Mondays were optional? Then we could pretend it’s always Sunday!

But most of us can agree on one thing: Mondays suck really badly mainly because we’re forced to wear pants and talk to people. Ugh!

You count the days until the week is over. But look at the bright side! At least Mondays only happen once a week!

Denial helps too. And, you know…actually work a job you enjoy doing! Seriously, for some folks, there’s not enough caffeine in the world to get them through today.

Then again, no one really looks forward to a day that seems to stretch forever, now do they?

The week almost feels like you go through Monday 1, Monday 2, Monday 3, Monday 4, and Friday. Then, the weekend rolls around but it only lasts a few hours and boom. It’s Monday again. What kind of sick joke is it?

Seriously. We kind of feel like life is testing us out. How long can we stare at the computer screen and dodge our boss’ calls until we finally snap out of our Monday blues?

But in all seriousness, companies should allow people to just stay home on Monday. If we’re being honest, no one’s going to get any work done, really!

It’s like we all decided to hate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday. But hey! It’s time to get out there, smile, work out butts off…and think about the money.

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