20 Funny Tweets That Only Married People Could Write.

20 Funny Tweets That Only Married People Could Write. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When newlyweds begin their lives together, everything is rosy. There is nothing their spouse says or does that can take away the passion and romance a person feels. Fast forward a couple of years and things begin to unravel. The cute and quirky behaviour turns annoying and often unbearable. And yet many relationship experts say that essential things like trust, honesty, and respect are what helps keep the love alive. Married couples will agree to these key elements but not without pointing out that it’s really a good sense of humour that keeps everyone sane and in love. Couples learn in time that you cannot change your partner’s eccentricities but you can make a joke about it on social media. And when you think about it, how bad can a problem or pet peeve really be if you can still laugh at it. Here are some confessions of married couples. I will confess to being completely guilty of #7.

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