20+ Helpful Tips To Make 2019 Your Most Successful Year Yet.

20+ Helpful Tips To Make 2019 Your Most Successful Year Yet. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Another year has passed, which means that you’ve succeeded at living, at learning, and growing. People have a tendency of reminding themselves of everything that they did wrong or didn’t do at all throughout the year. For one reason or another, they completely ignore all of the outrageously awesome things that they DID do! We learn and grow every single day, so it’s time to sit down and write down all of the things that you were able to accomplish this past year. Once you’re done, write down all of the things that you need to continue to work towards. This way, you’re prepared to go into the new year with the closure of the past and determination for the upcoming year.

A lot of people think that the best way to achieve their goals is by putting everything they have into it. A lot of these people feel that they’re not succeeding unless they’re totally consumed by making changes to every aspect of their lives. Taking on the responsibility of making several drastic changes to your lifestyle at the same time is overwhelming, and for some people, impossible. Instead of making resolutions for the new year, which tends to put a lot of pressure on a person to succeed, write down a list of your intentions for the new year. This list can include anything from wanting to be healthier, to traveling more or even trying new foods. Making small, positive changes over time isn’t as overwhelming, and it also makes it much easier to accomplish your long-term goals. If you’re not sure what kind of intentions you should set for 2019, check out the next tip for a great starting point.

Figuring out your goals and writing down your intentions for the new year is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself. Think about what you’d like to achieve in 2019, whether it be expanding your business, having a baby, or finally moving out on your own. Knowing what you want for the next year will make it much easier for you to succeed at getting it. So, what do you want to do in 2019? Write it down now and set your intentions! Setting goals and making clear intentions is an important part of succeeding in the new year, but you have to make sure that you keep this next tip in mind, as well.

As much as you’d like to get accepted into a school of magic, you have to remember to be realistic with your goals before you end up taking that magic train to the middle of Nowhere. For example, if you want to plan a trip around the world, but you don’t know how you’d ever even begin to pay for it, you might want to start thinking a little more realistically. Instead of starting with such a large goal, you could begin with something small, such as finding ways to save money for the trip. If your goals are unattainable, there’s a good chance that you’ll be disappointed with yourself for not succeeding without even realizing that you were setting yourself up for failure from the very beginning.

A lot of us tend to make our lives way harder than they need to be, so it’s important to slow down and try to figure out how to make your life a little bit easier. There are life hacks for almost every situation and you should do everything you can to use them as often as possible. Life comes with enough chaos and struggle, so why add more obstacles to the journey? For example, instead of writing checks for every single bill that you have, switch to automatic payments. The fewer things you have to remember to do, the more time you have to care for yourself the way that you’re supposed to. Which brings us to our next tip…

If you’re not able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the reflection staring back at you, then you’re in need of better self-care. There are two main reasons why self-care is so important. The first one being: if you’re not able to take care of yourself properly, then you’re not able to truly give yourself to anyone or anything else. Secondly, and more importantly, if you’re not taking care of yourself, then you’re letting yourself and your infinite potential down. If you feel like you could do a better job at showing yourself the proper care and attention you deserve, check out these next tips for some helpful advice on getting started.

Remember the old saying “out with the old and in with the new”? Well, it’s time to put those words into action. If you want to attract new things to your life, then you have to clear out anything that’s preventing that from happening; starting with the physical stuff. Do a little bit of “winter cleaning” in your closet and donate anything that you don’t want or use. Also, organize your office space, bedroom, or book collection. The goal is to create a feeling of freshness and clarity in your home, so do whatever you need to do to accomplish that! Now that you’ve cleared some room for change in your home, it’s time to think about what things you can do to create room for change in your life.

Stress is a major contributor to the unhappiness that most people experience. Stress is not only unhealthy for our minds, but it’s also incredibly unhealthy for our bodies. In fact, stress can lead to several different illnesses as well as death. So while you’re cleaning out your closet physically, take some time to think about what else you can clear out, such as the negative people or places in your life causing you stress. As hard as it can be, removing negative people out of your life is essential to your happiness and growth. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll always have stressors in your life, that can’t really be controlled. But, you ARE able to control how you react to these situations. Instead of getting angry or anxious, find ways to calm yourself down, such as taking a time-out or breathing. Now that you know that you need to clear out the unhealthy people in your life, it’s time for you to find out how to start making healthier lifestyle choices.

Life as a human is an indescribably precious gift. Humans are so powerful and strong, but they’re incredibly fragile, as well. Your mind and body are connected, so if one thing is off, your entire body feels it. This is why it’s imperative that you treat your body like a temple. Treat your body the right way by making sure that you put good food into it whenever possible. You won’t believe how much better you’ll body will feel once you start treating yourself right. Speaking of treating yourself right…

Are you the type of person that gets four hours of sleep on a good night? If so, then you need to find a way to get a few more hours of sleep. When you’re sleeping, your body is hard at work healing and repairing itself, which is why a lot of people sleep more while they’re sick. Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So if you’ve been staying up all night for years, start going to bed a bit earlier. Now, let’s talk about what you do when you wake up!

Have you ever noticed that your body seems to have a really hard time waking up in the morning? If you find that you’re literally dragging yourself to work in the morning, you might want to start stretching every day when you wake up. Stretching allows your muscles, joints, and tendons to get the warm-up they need to function properly throughout the day, without feeling tight or sore. Your body depends on you to take care of it, and you depend on your body to do…well, everything! One of the best things you can do for your body can be found in our next tip, so keep reading!

Scientists believe that spending time outdoors comes with an incredible amount of health benefits, such as mood elevation, better concentration, creative inspiration, and less anxiety or stress. There is an infinite number of things that you can do outside, you just have to find something that you enjoy doing. So to reap the benefits of this beautifully natural gift, you can try going for a nice long walk, exploring new areas, camping, boating, fishing, or swimming…the list of activities is endless. If you’re not sure what you like to do outside, pick something at random and FIND OUT what you like to do! The best part is the journey, so have fun and go on an adventure! Now that we’re on the topic of finding out what you like to do…

A very dear friend once told me that you have to “create in your life, in order to create your life.” Honestly, nothing can be truer than those words. Creativity and imagination help create the things around you. If you’re not dreaming about the life that you want or using your creativity to find out what it is that you want, then you’ll never be able to find your true self, which once again, means you’re not reaching your potential. It is a brand new year, so stretch your imagination and start creating in your life. If you’re not sure where to start, then the next few tips are exactly what you need.

It’s a sad fact that people spend more of their precious time working, instead of spending time doing something that they truly enjoy. We understand that it’s hard enough to find time to spend with your family, let alone trying out a new hobby, but it’s important that you find the time to do so. Having a good work ethic is important, but so is taking care of yourself, which includes doing things that make you smile. If you’re one of the millions of people who don’t know what they enjoy, then try one of the following hobbies to see if anything sticks: gardening, knitting, hiking, rock climbing, cooking, painting, couponing, or playing music. The list could continue on forever, you just need to figure out what you need in your life.

Most people stop going to school once they become an “adult.” But the fact of the matter is that you should never stop trying to learn something new. Taking on new information keeps your mind active and allows you to be exposed to things that you never imagined were available to you. Technology may be a pain at times, but it has opened up the possibility of endless knowledge! Even if you don’t do anything else in 2019, make sure that you learn something new because that’s the only way you’ll continue to grow. If you’re not the type of person that gets lost in the world of Google keywords and web pages, then you can try the next tip on for size.

There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips at all times, but the internet can be a pretty overwhelming place. This is why it’s good to narrow down what you’re looking for. Using Google, search for different books or movies that people are saying good things about. After you’ve got a decent list together, start making your way through it, checking off each book or movie as you complete them. This is a great exercise for the brain, but it’s also an excellent way to find out what you’re interested in.

George Addair once said: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” This quote directly ties into being your own worst enemy. Not believing in yourself will cause you to forfeit your dreams, your wishes, and your goals. Trying new things is scary. Failing is scary, too. But you’re never going to get what you want or need in life if you’re always afraid to reach for it. You have a fresh start in 2019, so believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and believe in your ability to be anything that you want to be. What are you waiting for? The only thing stopping you is YOU!

More often than not, people only ask questions or engage in conversation to hear what they want to hear or to be able to voice their own opinion. But here’s why that’s not working: you can’t learn if you’re not willing to listen. Every single person you meet has something to teach you, and no matter how big or how small that thing may be, you should take the time to find out what it is. In 2019, practice listening more than you speak because you never know what lesson someone has for you to learn. But just because you hear what someone is saying, it doesn’t mean that you have to listen to them.

There’s always going to be someone who wants to rain on your parade. These people typically don’t have anything positive to say and they just want to shake up your confidence a bit because they’re lacking proper self-care in their own lives. Don’t let them take this control over you! Even though they’re not saying anything useful, you’re still able to learn something from them. You’re learning how to stand strong. You’re learning how to feel good about yourself, despite other people. And you’re learning that it really doesn’t matter what other people think because it’s YOUR life, not theirs. Feeling good about yourself is imperative to a healthy life, which leads us to our next tip!

As you previously read, keeping the right people around you is essential to living a healthy life. You don’t want to keep negative people around you, but you also don’t want to be the negative person in another person’s life. It’s time to take inventory of the relationships in your life. Is there a relationship that could use some more of your attention? Is there a relationship in your life that could honestly use less of your attention? Friends and family are supposed to make life easier and happier, so make sure that you’re keeping only healthy relationships around. Improving yourself is important, but you should also try to make improvements in other people’s lives when you can. Keep scrolling to read our next helpful tip!

There’s no denying that there is an innumerable amount of people in this world that could use a little pick me up. If you’re willing and able, donate some of yourself to other people in 2019. You could volunteer at a nursing home, start a blanket/clothing collection for the homeless, start a community garden, volunteer at a woman’s shelter, or even spend time reading to lonely dogs at the shelter. This world would be a better place if we all cared a little more about our fellow human beings, so “be the change you wish to see in the world,” and let your light shine down on someone else’s life.

Every person should have a list of things they want to do before they die, also known as a “bucket list.” If you don’t have one of these already, then it’s time for you to sit down and start writing. Think of everything that you ever said you wanted to do before you die and write each one down. Starting this year, cross one item off of the list every single year. As you cross more things off of your list, your sense of accomplishment will begin to grow, leaving you feeling more confident and successful. But before you start implementing these tips into your life, don’t forget about the most important tip of all.

People are so eager to think about all of the things that they don’t have, that they forget to be grateful for all that they do have. Before you begin working on your “new” self, take some time to be grateful. Think about your family. Think about your new job or promotion. Think about the ways that you grew in 2018, and think about the ways that you’ll continue to grow in 2019, and be grateful. Because if you’re not grateful for everything that you already have, how can possibly achieve happiness from the things that you don’t have? And isn’t happiness the point of all of this? Give it some thought, you have an entire year in front of you. So, make it good and smile often!

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