20 Items Of Insanely Brilliant Furniture That Will Give You Future-Envy.

20 Items Of Insanely Brilliant Furniture That Will Give You Future-Envy. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate. Everyday we are introduced to new gadgets that are supposed to make our life a lot easier. I remember going to an office supply store with my father and my son to get a graphing calculator. My father told my son, when he was a young boy office supply stores did not exist because nothing in them had been invented yet. He used to dip Mary’s braided hair in his ink pot at school. He may have embellished a little: but what a long way we have come just in my life time. Below are some futuristic furnishings that are a reality today. Enjoy and think of what will come next.I-Sopod is the developer of this futuristic, revolutionary, luxurious flotation system. It’s built-in LED lighting system and MP3 player allow the user to transcend into an impenetrable sanctuary and experience profound relaxation.

Antoine Lebrun designed this futuristic kitchen dubbed the Brandt Aion Kitchen. This single appliance will use plants to filter water and the air. The appliance also includes a cooking surface and a sink. The dishes will be washed automatically using plant provided vegetable soap.

Zaha Hadid designed the Z. Island. The Z. Island has embedded heating membranes, sound activators, aromatic scent dispensers and a complete multimedia entertainment system. The system includes a flat screen TV and an Apple Mac Mini.The Z. Island has two separate units: The cooking area (Fire) and the cleaning area (Water). There’s more, it has a modular cabinet system for storage. WOW!

David Koo and Zheng Yawei have designed this “floating” Cloud. The bottom base generates a magnetic force that levitates the comfy upper portion. Sit, stretch or sprawl and the floating cloud will support it all.

Edoardo Carlino designed this ultimate bed. This unique sleeping pod comes with a complete entertainment center. It has a projector, sound system, reading lamp and when you are ready for compete privacy, fully enclosing blinds.

The Concoon Bed designed by Wasserbetten is just what you need for relaxation and rejuvenation. It has a unique ITW water mattress to give you feeling of weightlessness. It also is equipped an ITW surround sound system that can be used with or without headphones. What a way to relax after a long day!

Faith Can Sarioz designed the Kure Family Dinning Table. When opened the table blossoms like flower, able to comfortably seat 6. The chairs can be moved away from the table to be used alone. The table has a light source in the base that glows blue. Unfortunately, it occupies as much space opened as closed.

Koray Ozgen designed this geometrical glass lamp using 24 individual facets of unequal size. This creates the illusion of different shapes. Imagine the look of asteroid in your own room. What better way to add light to any space!

UStogether created this cool futuristic bathroom. The design is very minimalistic but includes everything you need in a simple all in one design.

The Nuab Sofa is hand-crafted from stainless steel. It’s futuristic design has been likened to Superman’s space ship half cut.

Designed by Arthur Xin, this eco-friendly bed is unique in its own way. It comes with plants and LED lights that help the plants grow. The bed also has speakers and a power generating system which helps the bed observe any physical activity near it, and turn it into energy.

Inspired by a water drop, the Melting Point TV Stand was designed by Erhan Afsaroglu. When the unit is attached to the wall, its design and the under lit LEDs give it the appearance that it’s floating in air.

The Toyo Isola S Kitchen Island was created by Toyo Kitchens. It incorporates three electric cooking rings and a circular sink into to its yin yang design. It also can hold all your kitchenware in it’s spacious corrugated drawer system.

Another table design by Nuvist. The Exspoze Table was inspired by the natural curvature of living organisms. It can be turned and flipped in any direction.

David Koo designed this hi-tech Arc Shower System. It has a normal and energy-saving mode. It’s equipped with a highly efficient next- generation water system and comes complete with touch screen temperature and pressure controls.

Pedro Silva designed this futuristic looking chair. He refers to it as the “intergalactic space cruiser of resting.” Can you imagine sitting in this chair on your deck on a clear star-filled evening?

Ben Alun-Jones affinity chair embodies our relationship with light and space. It uses mirror film, acrylic, ultrasonic sensors and LEDs to perfectly blend into the background, becoming virtually invisible. Upon approaching the chair, it seemingly comes to life becoming transparent and ultimately revealing itself.

Nuvist designed this wave-shaped table. The table has a continuous form and shape using the most advanced materials and technology. The serenity of its shape has influenced the colors that it comes in.

The Fiesta Lighted Bar is sun and water resistant, allowing it to be used indoors or out. It comes with a remote so the user can change the color of the lights and the mood with the touch of a button. It’s lined and has plenty of shelves for your favorite adult beverages and supplies.

Austrian designer Christian Precht came up with this creative bench design. The bench is connected by multiple 3D fibers, thus allowing the user the ability to change it into various seating arrangements. It is connected with multiple elastic 3D fibers and has network and power supply cables through the entire loop.

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