20 Lazy-Girl Hacks That Every Woman Has The Right To Know.

20 Lazy-Girl Hacks That Every Woman Has The Right To Know. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Living the life of a woman can be very difficult and exhausting at times. Women naturally encounter problems in their every day lives. And the list of struggles and problems never end. So here’s a chance to reduce some of that stress you’ve built up by learning some helpful DIY girl hacks. These hacks will help you get more organized, achieve an even more flawless makeup look, and overall just make your life a little bit easier. Who doesn’t want a little more ease in their life, right? Take the time to check out some of the hacks below that every lady should know.Make your lipstick last by lightly dusting a translucent powder over a tissue over your lips.

If you want to add some polka dots to your manicure, place a band-aid over your nail to paint over. Voila, perfect polka dots!

If you have an old stiff broom you no longer use, cut off the head to use as a desk caddy. It doesn’t sound like an aesthetically pleasing idea at first, but it actually looks quite nice.

Have too many bracelets to count? Instead of having them scattered all over your desk or table top, organize them with an empty wine bottle!

Having a lot of cables can look very unappealing. Try hiding them inside a gift box.

If your eyeliner pencil is starting to become dull, use a lighter to turn it into a super intense gel liner.

Use peppermint oil to naturally give your lips a little plumping boost. Just add some of the oil into your lip gloss!

In between each time you apply mascara, dip a q-tip in baby powder and run it across your lashes, especially on the tips. When you apply the second coat of mascara, it will attach to the powder, creating a fuller look.

If you have a lot of separate eyeshadows, try organizing them inside an ice tray! Surprisingly, they perfectly fit into each socket.

Do you have a lot of scarves but no proper way to organize them? Create your very own scarf hanger by attaching shower curtain rings to a wooden hanger.

Hang up all your hot hair appliances with command hooks! No more tangled messes in your cabinets/drawers.

Make your mascara last longer by adding contact solution to it. It’ll also help break up some clumps.

If you need a way to sort out your daily agendas, try creating your very own daily organizers out of paper and clothespins. Label each clothespin for a day of the week.

To make long lasting waves, use a flat iron on already braided hair. You’ll end up with those natural looking waves.

If you have more than one key, organize/categorize them by personalizing them! This way, you don’t have to stand in front of the door for 5 minutes figuring out which key is the right key.

Make your very own jewlery display organizers out of brass dowels and wooden blocks! Now instead of looking for a specific piece of jewelry will be a lot easier.

Have you ever bought a foundation that was too dark? Or maybe your skin no longer matches a certain foundation color after your tan has faded away. No worries! Just add some of your moisturizer to it to help lighten it.

Organize individual sets of cables with ribbon twists! It’ll help prevent a future cable mess and looks cute at the same time.

Recycle your birch boxes or old shoe boxes and transform them into earring organizers! Place nice wrapping paper on the inside of the boxes for added pizzazz.

Are you always loosing your bobby pins? Do you always find random ones scattered all around your household? Keep them all in one place by storing them inside an empty Tic Tac box!

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