20 Museum Snapchats That Made History So Much Funnier.

20 Museum Snapchats That Made History So Much Funnier. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Museums are a great place to visit to not only appreciate art but to learn some history behind them. Most people explore museums at an early age on field trips. That’s easy because the school provides a free trip and transportation. Growing older, however, you have to go out of your way to actually visit a museum. The perk of visiting a museum at an older age, however, is re-evaluating all the art work with an older and more mature perspective. You see things that you may have not noticed when you were younger. And quite frankly, you become funnier. Some people think museums are boring, but obviously those people are doing it wrong. Check out some of the funniest snapchats people have taken of classic art below. It might inspire you to visit a museum and create your own entertaining captions.But you can’t help but to think what that guy kneeled down on the floor is doing.

And you can’t help but to give them the biggest eye roll ever.

Sure you’re getting your way, but in reality you look like this to everyone else.

And you’re over here planning your New Year’s Eve celebration and realize something will be missing at midnight.

In real life, if you see a baby glowing, the practical response would be…

And you can just literally feel yourself gliding as you walk out the door.

And it’s those times other people need to call them out.

And they will most likely be desperate for it, so don’t torture them and give them what they want.

When will my reflection show me who I am inside?

It’s praised and looked at with so much respect, a lot of people fail to notice Mona’s suspicious facial expression.

Something occurs that just completely changes your mind.

Uhh, hello, I need data to take photos and post it on my Snapchat story.

I can just feel her “I don’t give a s***” attitude leaping off the canvas.

Don’t cave into public media beauty standards like this dinosaur.

Contour can be a very vital step in a woman’s makeup routine.

This must be what the ancient original Shrek looked like.

How did this happen? What is wrong with the world? What am I doing wrong?

It all makes sense now. How lyrics are inspired from pop art.

Kids, however, can state what they’re thinking or feeling without any remorse.

Yeah you’re real danger all right. You’re soooo cool. Get a life.

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