20 Of Disney’s Most Heartwarming Moments. #7 Made Me Cry Like A Baby.

20 Of Disney’s Most Heartwarming Moments. #7 Made Me Cry Like A Baby. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Disney’s animation works have really given many of us a wonderful childhood. There were also many important lessons that could be learnt from their films that illustrate what really matters in life. Here are some of the scenes that have certainly touched the kids in us.Kicking off the list is the Little Mermaid’s honest wish to walk the world of man, portrayed in a heart-felt singing.

You just can’t help but empathize with Mulan who was forced to live by the social standards of woman as depicted in this singing montage, and cheer her on when she managed to pull the arrow out!

Everybody surely felt something in their hearts when Beast finally changed into the handsome prince that he was.

Despite being some sort of a villain here, no one failed to feel the sorrow that Meg felt after deceiving the man she fell for.

Remember how sorry Dug was in this incredible scene from this incredible movie?

Words can’t describe the joy and pure happiness that these two metal beings felt as they soared through the deep space.

This definite tear jerker taught many of us the grieving feeling of a loss.

Who in their right mind did not shed tears when Aladdin used up his third and last wish for Genie’s freedom?

Despite being underrated by the public, this particular scene has definitely touched the hearts of many of us.

Did you shed a tear when Woody and friends faced what seemed to be their end?

Toy Story 3 ended with an even sadder scene that topped the previous one. Growing up sure is hard.

One of the best and most beautiful scenes when Eugene and Rapunzel addressed their true feelings for each other.

That moment when Kenai is united with his brothers, and Koda with his mother was definitely the best in the whole movie.

Despite being a Goofy movie, this scene has taught a lot about parents and growing up.

The death of the old cricket was certainly heart-felt.

Finding Nemo opened with a sad story of how Marlin’s wife died.

The final scene in which the queen returns to her human form can certainly make a full-grown adult cry.

Who in their right mind could watch this without feeling even a tiny bit of remorse for the furry monster?

The boy-less father was once again left by a father figure, and we can’t help but feel for him.

Lastly is the moment when Anna sacrificed her life for her dear sister Elsa in Frozen. She taught us a new definition of ‘true love.’

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