20 Outrageously Staged Rollercoaster Photos That Will Make You LOL.

20 Outrageously Staged Rollercoaster Photos That Will Make You LOL. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Riding a roller coaster isn’t everybody’s thing. Generally speaking, roller coasters are designed to be fun and fuel people’s adrenaline. However, this is not always the case. For others, roller coasters simply evoke fear and anxiety. The best part of a roller coaster, nonetheless, is the picture-taking! What better thing to laugh at than to see your facial expression right before a huge drop or splash. Some of the frequent riders become more comfortable and even memorize exactly what part of the ride takes the photo. What does this entail — some of the funniest roller coaster photos ever. Whether staged or not, you’ll find yourself chuckling at the photos below.But I doubt him standing up on the ride is safe.

“Because I’ll gladly take them off your hands.”

To the point where he needed to rip off his shirt?

*Proceeds to try to choke person to death.*

I’m surprised those papers didn’t fly away.

I hope he did this on as many rides as possible.

How are they ever going to fall if you’re holding them?!

And you need to “double wet” yourself.

Until you evaluate each and every person on the ride.

Or those are their natural reactions.

Isn’t a roller coaster in your morning routine too?

This guy is feelin’ it.

This girl looks scared for her life!

“Could you repeat that just one more time?”

He looks like he might be fighting back some throwup!

Maybe what put him in this predicament.

He looks like he’s a PRO at being on these rides.

Silly, he’s just hanging out in the back.

How do they keep the chess pieces on the board?!

“Yeah, I can hear you loud and clear. How’s it going?”

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