20 Painfully Funny Holiday Cards That (Probably) Won’t Offend Anyone.

20 Painfully Funny Holiday Cards That (Probably) Won’t Offend Anyone. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Sending Christmas cards to friends and family is a tradition that has been going on for too long to remember. But tradition doesn’t always mean good. Some people have a knack for finding the funny cards to send out that will make people laugh and appreciate the humor. On the other hand, there are plenty out there that are just plain bad. The mainstream variations are red and green color themed cards that have something to do with Santa Claus, winter, a Christmas tree or snow. It is what it is and it will never change. If you were being honest you’d say that a very high percentage of them are boring and not very funny. They are meant to spread joy and cheer but too many of them miss the mark and fall short of that. All too often we put up cards around the living room just so the person that sent it can see it and think that you like it. If there is no chance they will be coming over you probably don’t even put them up. But there are plenty out there to find that are very funny if you look hard enough. You’ll want to put them up and share them with friends and family members because they do hit the mark and make you laugh. Here are a few of what you can find this year!

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