20 People Who Died From Their Stupidity

20 People Who Died From Their Stupidity April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The modern age is agreeable by many to be the age of selfies and sharing, especially on the Internet. Young people are competing to produce the best selfies but unfortunately some of them led to their doom. See for yourself.This one is the luckiest among the list here, as it did not result in a loss of life.

Puerto Rican musician Jadiel had a fatal bike crash right after posting this selfie on Instagram.

This Russian girl wanted to impress her friends with this 28 feet off the ground picture, but she later lost her balance and fell on a cable that electrocuted her.

This bride-to-be was on her way to her bachelorette party when the car that she and her bridegroom were driving in got into a traffic collision.

This Mexican pop star boarded a private flight in December 2012. Shortly after taking off the plane crashed, and none of the six passengers survived.

Three college students died while taking a selfie in front of a train, though their identities were never released. Picture is an obvious fake.

This sweet girl just updated her Facebook page with a selfie while singing along to Pharrel Williams’ ‘Happy’ when the car she drove ran into a truck.

Gary and his mom took this selfie before their plane took off. Moments later the plane got shot down in Ukraine airspace.

These Iranian women were having fun singing along in the car, when their car crashed into another car and they lost their lives.

This man is known for taking elaborate selfies, but this particular one involved a gun with which he accidentally shot himself.

This tragic mishap happened during the 2015 #selfieOlympics, in which Oscar Reyes fell off the pose he was in and died on the spot, though this turned out to be a hoax.

While this makes for a great picture, the incident ended tragically when the couple later fell to their death.

What was going to be a romantic getaway ended in tragedy due to this fatal selfie.

The woman was trying to take this selfie near the El Tunal river in Mexico, when she fell and drowned.

Occurred in Spain, a 21 year old man died after getting electrocuted while on top of a train and died.

One of the lucky ones, this man managed to survive the tornado that was clearly just feet away from him.

The selfie was taken atop of the Puente de Triana bridge, when the woman lost her balance and fell to her death.

The 15 year old boy was attempting a selfie in front of a train, but accidentally got hit by the speeding train in Thrissur, India.

The two men pulled the pin off a grenade for a selfie in the Ural Mountain and died. The incident triggered the Russian government to release a ‘safe selfie’ guideline.

The Spaniard died after trying to take a selfie with a bull that was in a bull running festival in Spain.

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