20+ People Who Failed So Hard You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing.

20+ People Who Failed So Hard You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are plenty of people out there that would consider themselves a pretty decent cook, but not everyone can be Gordon Ramsey. If you’re one of those people that would rather eat out than cook, or perhaps you like to cook, but it never comes out right, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled together a list of epic kitchen fails that are sure to make you laugh. Unless, of course, you’ve made the same mistakes and you’re bowing your head in shame.But it appears that maybe they should have.

But, like pasta, it shouldn’t be put in the microwave.

It sure does take some real skill to do that.

I would probably add the frosting to give it a little pizzazz.

Guess we all need to learn the hard way sometimes.

Mrs. Potts and Chip look like they’re sick of Belle ordering them around and they’re about to let her know.

But they definitely should try this one over again. Or not.

But at least they tried their best.

Better just throw this into infinity and beyond.

They clearly didn’t follow the rule of two inches apart.

Who wouldn’t want baby Groot cupcakes?

The cupcakes just turned out to be a bit more frightening than intended.

But how did they get on top of the oven in the first place?

Soy sauce covered pancakes are not something you want to experience.

Throwing them in the trash has become a new fad, as well.

But, of course, it’s filling. It’s a bowl of pasta.

Pretty sure this was a one time thing. There’s no way this could happen again.

How many of you would still eat it, though?

This looks more like chicken skin and gravy. Gross.

Someone should ban this person from the kitchen forever.

They just need to throw them in the trash and start over.

We’re probably just going to pass, though.

How does someone not realize they lost their glasses, let alone bake them in the oven?

It looks like he got into a bit of a fight and has a bloody nose.

It just seems really hard for people to grasp the concept of spacing the cookie dough apart.

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