20 Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art.

20 Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Old art history photos from the Renaissance era have always been deeply appreciated and admired. They’re known to be elegant and have a certain *je ne sais quoi* to them. One particular factor all Renaissance art photos have to them is deep and raw emotion. Although these photos are clearly from the 21st century, they might as well be from the Renaissance era. They’re titled as “accidental Renaissance” pictures because they all either show deep emotion or a subject that is posed a certain way. Don’t worry, not all of the photos are gloomy — some may bring a smile to your face like “Pizza Night With The Woofers.”A man suddenly being overwhelmed with great joy in a crowd of people on the subway.

A crowd of people working together in attempt of calming down a wild horse.

A drunk man who has fallen in the most elegant pose in the middle of a crime scene.

A hungry cat staring so longingly at the delicious human food in front of him.

A man enjoying his pizza while surrounded by his family of wolves.

An awkwardly posed girl in the middle of what looks like an ultra-orthodox Jewish wedding.

A woman going about her daily activities as a baker as rays of sunlight beam down on her.

A group of free spirited people flipping their fingers off as they rebel against a movement.

An individual heroically on a horse while facing a line of police officers.

Beautiful scenery of a game of cricket during an autumn day.

Two individual rescue cats filling their voids of loneliness with each other.

Two men playing a game of chess while a person casually tight rope walks in the background.

A little family cooking dinner in their rural home in China.

A lonely cat reaching its paw out for interaction.

A brave fireman shooting a strong beam of water out of his hose.

A group of people from the audience reaching to catch a flying baseball only to be beaten by a mother holding her baby.

A woman casually reading her book while making her commute on public transportation.

A man at the park finding unexpected friendship with birds.

A group of people helping another group of people get off a boat onto land in Lesbos.

A man and woman doing a discreet exchange in a train station from the 1940’s.

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