20 Reasons You’re Right To Love Keanu Reeves.

20 Reasons You’re Right To Love Keanu Reeves. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Keanu Reeves has been in Hollywood for quite some time now. He is one of those actors that demands a high pay day every time he signs up for a new movie. Sometimes that works out for film makers and sometimes it doesn’t. He has proven though, through box office results that he is well worth the risk. When he has a hit, it usually is a monster hit that generates mega millions of dollars. Not everyone that makes a living in Hollywood is a good person. There are too many that are usually in the press for bad reasons. Reeves, however, isn’t one of those people. He always does good things and his generosity is well documented. He seems to be someone that hasn’t let his fame and fortune go to his head. He made more than $114 million from his cut of the box office receipts for *The Matrix* movie series. Now that isn’t all he made as he was given a flat rate to do the movies to begin with. You can bet that rate was pretty high. The box office take was just a part of the contract he signed to do the films and when all was said and done he gave away $80 million of that money to the costume and special effects people that helped make the movies a success. That’s the sign of a pretty good guy.

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