20 Surreal And Weird Events That Happen On Earth.

20 Surreal And Weird Events That Happen On Earth. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Prepare to have your mind blown because these photos are so jaw-droppingly amazing that you’d swear they were Photoshopped. But these photos represent some out-of-this-world phenomenon that are as real as you are. In fact, these images are so captivating that you’ll want to kick yourself for not having been there in person to take these awe-inspiring photos. It also proves that a good photographer doesn’t have to resort to cheap Photoshop tricks to snap a good picture. In some instances, the person snapping these pictures had to be in the right place at the right time. So, take a look at these incredible photos that will totally mess with your brain.This type of cloud creates a cluster of pouches that hang under the base of rainclouds. The mysterious phenomena’s eeriness only increases when there’s a sunset, like the one seen over farmland.

Looks like a late of hot lava, but it’s actually mineral rich and full of algae. Millions of Lesser flamingos flock to Lake Natron to feed and breed.

What you’re seeing is a phenomenon called murmuration. This happens when thousands of starlings start flying in coordinated patterns across the sky. But as you can see from this image. Sometimes, they can form an impressive barrier too.

In fact, it was scientists who messed up and accidentally started this gas fire in Turkmenistan in the first place. It’s been burning since 1971 and no one’s been able to put it out.

No, they’re not a bunch of transporter beams from Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise. This optical wonder will occur when light and ice crystals interact with one another.

The keyword here is spot given that the lake seems to be full of spots. But this interesting pattern is caused by the fact that the lake contains saline endorheic alkali. Many believe that the lake has healing powers as well.

This is a close-up of a couple of lenticular clouds. They’re often mistaken for UFOs because of their disc shape. These types of clouds are absolutely amazing, especially when a sunset makes it seem like those flying saucers are burning their way into the atmosphere.

It’s known as a hole punch cloud or a fallstreak hole, which appear in continuous clouds. This humongous gap is formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below the freezing level, but the water, has not frozen over yet.

If you’re wondering why it looks so funky, it’s because that’s what lava looks like when it comes into contact with the ocean, which in this case, it did. Who knew something like this could look beautiful and terrifying at the same time?

Most rainbows come in all sorts of colors like a bag of Skittles. But this particular rainbow happened to be white. We’re guessing that calling it a rainbow would be inappropriate. It looks more like a fog bow.

They’re called penitentes, which is Spanish for penitent-shaped snow. These formations are often found at high altitudes at Piloto Glacier in the Central Andes. They form as snow melts and wind up looking like a column that’s wider at the base and narrower at the tips. Whatever you do, don’t slip and fall.

It’s located in Leogang, Austria and it is indeed a lake. But at the right angle, the surface of the water creates a mirror image of the sky above. It’s eerie, beautiful, and frightening all at the same time. Don’t you think?

In this instance, the ice on the ground shapeshifted into something a lot more intricate and complex. As the sun hit it and it started to melt, it turned into the shape of a flower. But looking at it, it seems like someone dropped their cotton candy on the floor.

They’re large, spherical, and definitely not man-made. You can find these boulders along the Otago coast. They’re known as Moeraki boulders. And you simply can’t drive along the coast without taking a moment to take a photo next to these amazing things.

43 million of these red crabs migrate there to lay their eggs by the ocean.

Those bubbles you see on the surface of the lake might look pretty, but they’re also quite flammable. The bubbles are frozen pockets of methane. If one were to pop, or you lit a match, the bubbles would go boom.

The only time most of us have seen blue ice has been in cartoons like in the “Ice Age” films. But these ice cubes are actually turquoise. It’s so beautiful you almost want to take one home. But it’d probably be too heavy and would melt by the time you got there.

Actually, it’s more like, where there’s water and gas, there’s fire. The flame you see wasn’t man-made. It’s a natural gas leak that caused this to light up, but it’s kind of appropriate given that this place is known as Eternal Flame Falls.

These clouds are known as fire rainbows because they look a bit like a rainbow if it caught on fire. But this only occurs when the sun is high in the sky. As the sun hits the hexagonal shaped ice crystals, you get this interesting phenomenon.

They’re known as desert roses or rose-shaped crystal formations, and they’re often found in arid sandy areas. As soon as the crystals form a circle of flat plates, the rock gets the more defined shape of a rose blossom.

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