20 Test Answers That Are So Wrong They Have To Be Right.

20 Test Answers That Are So Wrong They Have To Be Right. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Anyone that has spent any amount of time with a kid knows that they are brutally honest. There is a time early in life that people haven’t learned how to lie yet and it leads to some very interesting conversations. When the lying or sarcasm hasn’t yet infected a young brain, the results can sometimes be quite funny. If you ask a kid a question or tell them to do something, chances are they will answer with complete honesty or do exactly as they are told. This is because the brain hasn’t yet developed with the infectious habits of taking something more than one way. Today we will see some pretty smart kids that were asked to do something at school. The answers are so honest and correct that they are hilariously funny. There are times that a kid will outsmart their teacher simply because the teacher doesn’t take into consideration what kind of answers might be offered on a test. For instance, how can one know guess how tall Jeff is if they have never met him? Or when a kid was asked how they solved the above math problem on a test. The answer given was “math” and that technically isn’t wrong. Get ready to laugh several times!

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