20 Things To Remember About Online Dating.

20 Things To Remember About Online Dating. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

As the world took a digital turn, everything started to happen online. Dating is no exception. The internet is flooded with countless dating websites, promising to help you find your “soulmate.” Unfortunately, the Internet doesn’t keep people from lying. When it comes to online dating, you don’t know who is on the other side and how much of their story is true.Imagine meeting this kind of guy in real life.

Your online date might not be that attractive, like you imagined. But she can Photoshop, that’s a plus.

No one admits they use an online dating profile. Many think it makes them look desperate.

For men, the more you lie, the more success you’ll have. For women, the more you show your skin, the more success you’ll have.

Lies. Online dating is full of lies. Always be ready to confront them.

Maybe she once was a model. And he once was a dancer.

Never trust an insta profile. Period.

They’re more based on fantasies than the reality.

And when you find a honest profile, that is what it looks like.

Know your toxins before messaging him. And oh the 9/11 conspiracy too.

“Right” me a message. That is exactly why you’re single.

Is that is what love at first sight sounds like?

I think humans will be only into humans. No hybrids.

Maybe you should go to school to learn English too. So you can sound a bit more convincing.

That insult as a reply though. On spot.

Aren’t you a foodie? How cute, women love that.

The picture looks so convincing until you see the real version. Then all you can do is run.

If you expect Emma Watson on the other side, then you’re just over expecting.

And he claims he’s a single, handsome, rich man. Yeah right.

It’s all about angles. Never trust a picture, never.

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