20 Times Animals Wreaked Total Havoc On Golf Tournaments.

20 Times Animals Wreaked Total Havoc On Golf Tournaments. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Imagine that you’re a professional golfer and that everyone’s rooting for you to make this shot, but then, an animal invades the golf course you’re on. It’s a good thing that there are rules in golfing that allow you to free drop if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable when an animal gets too close to the ball you’re trying to hit, but still, this can bug the heck out of you.

Not only do you have to wait until the animal passes, but you also risk everyone forgetting how good of a golfer you are because everyone’s too busy having their hearts melting over the creature that just strolled onto the course. So, without further ado, here are a few times when animals invaded golf tournaments.In 2016, a bunch of mongooses ran onto the golf course at the European Tour’s Nedbank Golf Challenge on the Race to Dubai. The tournament itself was held in South Africa, and the last thing viewers expected to see were these exotic animals ruining across the golf game.

The cub was at the 15th hole at a British Columbia golf course at the Fairmont Hot Spring’s Mountainside Resort. From his perspective, the point of the game had nothing to do with hitting a tiny ball.

It was more about taking out those pesky flags. Adorable.

It’s actually so bold that it seems to be daring the golfer to aim the ball at him.

Now that’s a brave little soul.

In 1998, during the Players Championship, Steve Lowery was at the 17th hole and he had just hit the ball onto the island green, but at that moment, a seagull swooped in, grabbed the ball, and dropped it in the nearby lake.

But meeting a cobra sounds like a more terrifying and deadlier experience than a simple gator.

This fox was slick. It walked up to the golf bag of one of the players and simply dug into his things as if he was the owner.

Then it stole his wallet while the owner was trying to take a video of the fox. What ensued was a hilarious chase across the golf course.

Since a lot of golf courses have lakes, it’s safe to assume that creatures like turtles will crawl out of there and pay the people playing golf a surprise visit.

So, when that happened during the PGA Tour, one man simply grabbed the turtle and tossed it back into the lake.

It’s actually kind of cute seeing a baby baboon riding on top of his mommy while the other baboons just monkey around on the golf course.

Besides, from their perspective, it’s the humans who moved into their turf and not the other way around.

Everyone was minding their own business when the creature, known as The Distracting Duck, simply waddled his way into the golf course.

Golfers tried feeding it to lure it away, but for the most part, they were overwhelmed by how adorable it was.

It turns out that it was a 6-foot python that was trying to make its way across the golf course shortly before Round 2 was about to begin.

Now imagine if you saw this while you were playing. You’d totally pass on that hole and say, no thank you.

Now these three guys sprawled on the floor aren’t doing much of anything, but they’re not chilling out in between rounds.

They were actually trying to avoid being stung while a swarm of bees passed through the golf course.

At first, the players assumed that the iguana was trying to eat the ball, but then it started pushing the ball towards the hole.

But shortly after that, it got bored with the ball and decided to walk away from the course.

The reptile was very nonchalant as it strolled across the golf course in New Orleans during a US golf tournament.

Eventually, the battle-scarred gator took an interest in the bunker, and golfers had to figure out how to play golf around the surprise guest.

Fortunately, Todd Murphy of Lahaina, Hawaii had plenty of patience when a stray cat casually made its way across the golf course during the NGA professional golf tour’s Port City Azalea Classic.

Come on, cat. Move it along.

It happened during the second round of the 2008 US Senior Open Championship at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The black bear simply ran across the 13th fairway and was probably wondering what all the fuss was about.


Richard Nadler took photos of a fight between an alligator and a python at the 10th hole on a Florida golf course. Nadler said that neither animal was present the following day, but he assumed that the gator managed to defeat the python.

As a mob of kangaroos hopped onto the golf course, poor Karrie Webb of Australia had to wait patiently for the creatures to decide to move on before he could resume playing golf.

Then again, kangaroos are indigenous to Australia, so it shouldn’t have come as much of a shock.

Things got pretty wild as the two opponents tried wearing each other out to beat the other.

For Anderson, there was nothing worse than having this coyote obstruct her golf shot.

Fortunately, the coyote walked away eventually, allowing Anderson to make her shot. Plus, it made a great photo on social media.

Casey allegedly asked the dog nicely to drop the ball near the hole, but the dog ran off.

Eventually, a spectator was able to catch the dog on the 13th and get Casey’s ball back. Casey claimed it was odd how the dog had followed him down the fairway before taking an interest in his golf ball.

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