20 Tweets That Basically Sum Up Great Britain’s Record Breaking Heatwave.

20 Tweets That Basically Sum Up Great Britain’s Record Breaking Heatwave. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

A certain world leader once said: “I don’t believe it,” in regards to a report about the terrible effects of climate change. But the people in Great Britain have no doubt believing it. According to the United Kingdom’s Met Office, the temperatures at London’s Heathrow Airport hit 98.4 degrees (36.9°C) in July, which is a new record. And the heat in Cambridge, England, hit the triple digits at 100.5 degrees (38°C). So, the people of Great Britain are finding hilarious ways to react to the heatwave by sharing some equally fun pics that are laugh out loud funny.This cat has one leg up while laying inside the fridge to keep cool. But just because kitty’s in there doesn’t mean that it doesn’t expect someone to come over and rub its belly. Bonus: You get to cool off, too.

The train obviously had no air conditioning. But it was hot even with the window open so he carried this fan with him and plugged it into the outlet behind his seat. Now that’s a pretty clever way to beat the summer.

Great Britain is obviously not prepared for the insane heat they’ve been experiencing this summer. A lot of shoes were probably ruined trying to walk up these steps. It looks like a T-1000 is shape-shifting from the steps.

Can you imagine how burnt this little fellas’ feet must be from walking on the hot concrete? At the very least, they could have kept some water in the fountain. But then humans might start taking their shoes off and cooling their feet off, too.

Ironically, pigs don’t sweat so they can’t cool themselves off during the heatwave. So, it’s kind of thoughtful of this farmer to give the pigs in his care some ice lollipops to help them fight off the summer heat.

As the temperature rises so does the amount of boob sweat. And the sweat stains on that bra are going to be such a pain to get out. On the other hand, sometimes it’s better to wear a bra to catch the sweat.

Actually, this dog’s pretty clever. The cement floor in a subway station is cooler to lay on. But it would probably be weird if everyone started taking their shirts off and putting their bare bellies on the icky ground.

If you can’t stand the heat, then hop on a plane and get the heck out of dodge. This advertising is enticing people to head to Portugal where it’s a couple of degrees cooler. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Genius!

This man has the arms to rock this sleeveless business look, and it’s a great way to beat the heatwave in the United Kingdom. But this guy probably wouldn’t mind if his boss would allow him to wear shorts, too.

Oh, poor Bob! He was such a cool dude. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it because he couldn’t take the heat. That’s too bad. Hopefully, someone will take pity on his friends and stick him in the freezer before it’s too late.

A fan on its own will only blow the same hot air that’s in the environment. But this person added cold packs in front of it so that it would blow in cool air. Think of it as some sort of poor man’s air conditioner.

New York City may be across the pond, but this person is also experiencing a heatwave and has changed their relationship status to show that they’re in a deeply committed relationship with their air conditioner, at least until fall.

All of the suggestions on this hot weather alert are hilarious but the third one is really stomach-turning. Sadly, there’s a hint of truth to it. But all in all, you have got to love the British and their sense of humor.

Poor Brits! A lot of them are starting to feel like their homes were relocated near the fiery pits of Mount Doom in Mordor. They would undoubtedly rather be enjoying the cool spring-like breeze typically found in the Shire.

He threw in some sand, brought a deckchair to sit in, and a beachball. He even brought a book to read and a multi-colored head umbrella so he could chill (not literally) and maybe work on his tan for a bit.

Heat makes people do crazy things. But no one could blame this guy for loving his A/C. It’s making sure he doesn’t melt away in the summer heat. Frankly, it’s shocking that this unit doesn’t have more suitors lining up.

This cat’s human used ice balls and placed them under their kitty’s belly so that it would stay as cool as a polar bear’s toenails. But if this heatwave continues, they might need to make those ice balls large enough for humans to use.

Customers have practically cleaned out the ice cream supply at this store. The only flavor no one seems to be touching is the fudge brownie. There are three tubs of it left. So, get in your car and drive over now.

While everyone else in the neighborhood burns and melts, he’s swimming in the privacy of his own home and drinking a beer. It looks like he’ll just be floating around on a constant vacation for the rest of the summer.

This guy is wearing nothing but his backpack, some tight speedos and a pair of flip-flops. Thankfully, he wasn’t refused entry and didn’t get the cops called on him or anything like that. But that’s a look, huh?

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