20 Awesome Movies You Should Look Forward To Watching In 2016

20 Awesome Movies You Should Look Forward To Watching In 2016 October 5, 2017

2016 is the year everyone is waiting for. There are some amazing movies coming out and many of them are sequels of some of the best all time movies. From action to comedy, drama to family, 2016 has everything to offer. Here is a list of movies you should not miss in 2016.Brace yourself comic book fans! The epic war between Batman and Superman, two super heroes fighting for the same cause.

One of the most awaited sci-Fi movies Deadpool is to be released in 2016. This new super hero, loved by numerous comic book fans, is surely going to be loved by the audience.

The awaited sequel is finally here! The movie is to be released in June, 2016. This adventure, sci-fi is going to be a thrilling experience.

Get your family ready for the hilarious Kung fu Panda. There are many surprises waiting for you in this movie.

Captain America fans get ready for another amazing movie coming your way. This action sequel is going to be a treat for all action loving comic fans.

Yes, you read that right, your favorite game is now going to be a movie! This action movie is surely going to excite a lot of gamers.

90s children, you won’t believe it, but your favorite childhood movie is coming back after more than decade. Let’s hope it is as good as it was back then.

X-Men lovers, another part of the X-Men series will definitely won’t disappoint you. Here is another reason to look forward to the new year.

The games, cartoons, and movies were just not enough. 2016 promises you another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, which looks better than ever.

A new take on the Ghostbusters, an all-female crew is gaining a lot of attention. Let’s see how we find this movie once it is it released.

Another treat for the Marvel fans, Doctor Strange is finally coming up as a movie and it certainly has to be amazing.

This thrilling horror movie is finally going to answer all of our questions. The reason behind why Slasher Jason Voorhes can’t be killed. So keep your fingers crossed and don’t miss this terrifyingly entertaining movie.

This amazing fantasy movie is described as “an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict.” And we are totally looking forward to it.

The divergent series has gained a lot of popularity, and we are sure that this going to be no exception.

The third installment of this sci-Fi movie franchise is set to be released in July 2016 and we’re sure the nerds can’t contain their excitement.

This is just what we all dreamed of, a movie about some of our favorite villains. And here we see our villains taking over the superheroes.

Take a look back into your childhood with your favorite classic Jungle book. The teaser is out and it looks better than what we anticipated.

Because 50 shades of grey just wasn’t enough. Its darker, and has a lot to offer compared to its previous part.

“The world’s leaders have assembled. So have their enemies.” There is still a lot to know about this movie but till now, it looks amazing.

And finally, this family Disney movie looks beautiful. We loved Alice in Wonderland and we are sure that this movie isn’t going to be any different.