21 People Who’ll Think Twice Before Ordering Online Again.

21 People Who’ll Think Twice Before Ordering Online Again. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Shopping online certainly has a lot of perks. It saves time because you don’t have to drive or walk to the store, and you can window shop online all you want 24 hours a day without worrying about those pesky store hours. You can pretty much get anything you want too. You just have to wait for it to get delivered. It sounds like the perfect solution, but expectations and reality are often worlds apart, especially when you don’t have the product right in front of you. If you fail to read the description and the dimensions of certain products, you could wind up with something that’s a total fail and all because you didn’t bother to read the small print.Then again, they might leave you feeling a little deflated when you get something that looks like its insides have been taken out. Now why couldn’t they tell you that you were the one that needed to stuff the bear?

This person ordered two guys in the back of an iPhone case and they ended up with a photo of one guy and a pizza, which only makes it worse when the image makes you hungry and mad.

Unfortunately, the kitty size book bag isn’t even big enough to stick your pens and no. 2 pencils. So this is an epic fail.

This is what one guy got when he ordered a milkshake, but ended up getting this plastic container with a straw attached to it. Um… yummy. Actually, no. Make that… gross!

But, unfortunately, what you got only fits around one thigh, and it’s not even velvet. It’s pink! What are you supposed to do with that? Dust the coffee table?

What were the people in the factory doing with this Smartphone case before shipping it off to you? Taking selfies of their manhood? The least they could have done is send you an 8×10 glossy.

Actually big problem, minus the big. Just look at this tent! It could barely hold a pet let alone a grown man. At least everything from his head down to his chest will be warm at night.

You might end up getting something like this. Did you check to see if the product advertised is “exactly” as pictured?

But of course, the delivery instructions had to go an spoil all the fun ahead of time. Guess who won’t be using their services ever again?

Oh hell! You might as well give the baker the instructions in person or they might take your text instructions way too literally. This is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you blindly follow orders.

Oh my! That’s so Godfather-y! It looks like the Lion King was just savagely murdered and then placed on a planter and left on someone’s desk.

It’s almost like Sainsburys was fed up with poor Suzanne and decided to give this stinky substitute in lieu of some decent flowers.

Otherwise, your dreams of pretending to be Aladdin in your living room will quickly turn to disappointment. At least you can still use the tiny rug as a beautiful bookmark while reading 1001 Tales of Arabian Nights.

This person should have considered checking to see if the dog coat he was looking at said “sized for large breed dogs” before cashing out.

This shopper wanted a nice large rug for their living room, instead they got a tiny carpet to wipe their feet on or padding for their dog to sit on.

If you’re pressed for time, this ladle is great because you can use it to get the amount soup that you want in just one scoop, or you could just use it as a bowl and drink it from there.

It can do pretty much anything that a real-life cutting board can do, except you’d have to be the size of a mouse to take advantage of it.

It certainly does look great… if you were buying it for your kids. But what are you supposed to do now? The game is this Sunday and you have nowhere to sit.

But when she gets flowers that are nowhere near as nice as the ones you ordered, it can make her feel like she’s the other woman.

Cheer up though! If you use this pan to cook, you’ll likely lose all that weight you’ve been trying for years to burn off.

Unless you get this toy size version. The freaking thing probably doesn’t even work either, but think of all the fuel you’ll save.

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