22 Airport Sightings That You Just Don’t See Every Day.

22 Airport Sightings That You Just Don’t See Every Day. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Traveling to a different country can be one exhilarating experience. But what it takes to get to your destination is not as fun as it may seem. You sit in an uncomfortable seat for hours and hours. After a while, there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself entertained. Sure, that Adam Sandler movie kind of sucked but it helped you forget about how long it’d be until you were able to get off that plane. Then you have to deal with a 5-hour layover. All that jetlag, the crankiness that comes with traveling, and the exhaustion makes passengers frustrated, and with good reason! That’s why it’s so common to run into some of the craziest airport situations and sights that can truly make your flight a hundred times more fun.We didn’t know Gandalf went through TSA checks and long lines at the airport like the rest of us, mortals. Someone please explain why anyone would want to keep that piece of wood? Would anyone really be able to harm someone with that flimsy-looking stick?

Every one of those folks could’ve easily asked her to move, but they were too afraid to upset her. Perhaps, they didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, but after wasting 15 minutes in line, someone should scream,” enough is enough!”

The man’s not only wearing an official pilot uniform, but he also seems to be visually impaired. While anyone will naturally assume that he was just playing around, we bet people’s hearts stopped for a second. But you know what would make things worse? If he was actually going around telling random people he was scheduled to fly their plane!

We’re pretty sure that this momma tried her best to stay organized. Despite her efforts, she got stuck in line and seems to have misplaced her adorable baby who is now on the way to get scanned.

But to anyone who’s already a parent, this image perfectly describes what it feels like to be traveling with toddlers. Sure, these kids could use a few more boundaries, but once you’ve reached a point when they’re acting like this, you got to take a step back, hold your breath, and see if you can get them to at least get off the floor. Ugh!

What a yummy way to easily identify your luggage at the carousel, huh? The only problem is, now every TSA agent’s craving sushi!

Someone tried to “smuggle” around 50 boxes of cookies at the Orlando Airport which is nothing out of the ordinary for folks with a sweet tooth. But judging by the way this guy’s treating the precious cargo, it kind of makes you wonder if there’s more to these deliciously crunchy chocolate treats.

It’s almost as if she accidently created the perfect set up for her boyfriend to prank the heck out of her bestie. You really can’t blame him, though!

You want to get coffee? You have to wait in line behind 15 folks who also want a hot cup of Joe. You want to withdraw some cash? Tough luck! Some folks are already standing in front of you. But standing in line for an invisible plane…that’s just a cruel joke, man!

The lovely blonde that’s just casually hanging out at the airport is none other than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria’s Secret model. And that kid that’s just smiling at the camera all shy, has the evidence to prove that he wasn’t bluffing one bit.

Classics never go out of style, but has she ever heard of a laptop? Just comes to show you how hipsters will go out of their way to stand out, even if it involves writing a letter using an old-fashioned typewriter.

He looks very fashionable, especially with those netted stockings. But he probably should have thought twice before printing out his own ticket. It looks it’s going to be a little too big to fit into that electronic reader.

This is the kind of passenger that will never complain about a seat being too uncomfortable. If he’s willing to rest his body against that plastic seat and use his luggage as a pillow, then he’s a real badass.

These folks made do with what they had and used cardboard boxes to keep any light from disturbing their beauty sleep. Sure, they could have used those plastic seats most people use to doze off, but what would be that fun in that?

This guy decided to just have his whole body scanned, because it would be easier. Plus, he probably got the chance to take a little nap while the machines proved that he was just a peaceful loving passenger.

This family decided to wait for their daughter in the most unusual way. They dressed up like village folk and seemingly forgot all about basic grammar just so that they could really show her what she had been missing while she was away.

She actually had her face printed on the luggage itself. So, in the event that it was lost or someone else tried claiming it was there, all security would have to do is look at her face and there would be no doubt.

Well actually, she didn’t. What she discovered was a sticker on the wall that looked like an outlet, but boy, were they in for a surprise when they tried plugging their device into the outlet next to the chair at the airport.

Check out these guys who are trying to execute the best balancing performance seen at an airport. These guys should audition for America’s Got Talent. And we totally dig the guy who is reading a novel while holding his friend up in the air with his other hand.

Maybe one of the pedestrians got in the way or something, or maybe the gas pedal got stuck, but one thing this driver won’t be able to blame this crash on is traffic, unless he wants to claim there was plenty of foot traffic around.

Well one thing’s for sure, he doesn’t have to worry about catching a cold or a flu, but they’re going to have an awful time trying to make friends with anyone on their flight. Good thing they have something to read.

How often do you see what looks like the Easter Island head circling around the baggage claim conveyor belt? Now the big question is, who’s the owner and how in the heck are they going to carry that thing to their car?

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