22 Beach Wedding Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Say ‘I Do’ In The Sand.

22 Beach Wedding Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Say ‘I Do’ In The Sand. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We know you’ve dreamt of it, many people have of a wedding on the beach. Doesn’t it just sound beautiful? Walking down an aisle of flower petals on the sand, seeing your soon to be husband in front of a beautiful view of the ocean. Getting married to the soothing sound of the waves clashing into each other. It’s a wedding setting that’s easy to fantasize about but not always so easy to achieve. People may have difficulties trying to figure out how to decorate the thing. But don’t give up and hire a designer or wedding planner! A lot of successful beach weddings have a lot of DIY work incorporated into them. Take a look at a few tips and ideas we’ve got for you below.If you’re not all into flowers anyways, try opting out the traditional flower bouquet for a seashell bouquet! Walk down the aisle holding a cluster of bivalve blooms.

If you don’t want to go the obvious route by decorating your wedding cake with seashells and anchors, take the subtle route like touches of ocean blue.

Turn a huge seashell into a plate for a special dish. This can be for an appetizer like ceviche or anything else.

Decorate a bamboo arch at your wedding Polynesian-style. Create these garlands yourself out of grass skirts!

Instead of throwing flower petals or rice as the bride and groom come walking down the aisle, provide beach balls to throw instead! They can be big or small, your choice.

Instead of signing a traditional guest book, stick to the theme and have you guest leave you messages in a bottle. After the wedding, you can compile all the messages into a book if you’d like.

Provide welcome bags for your guests containing sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, and any other beach-worthy item you can think of.

For an easy centerpiece, fill up terrariums with sand, shells and coral! You can use fishbowls or vases as your terrariums.

If you don’t want to decorate with a nautical theme, try going for shabby chic and vintage-inspired decorations. Trust us, it looks amazing for beach ceremonies!

Nobody wants to wear their heels in the sand. Don’t put your female guests through that. Instead, give them the option to go barefoot on the sand.

This one’s a little cheesy but makes a great souvenir! Take some sand from your wedding or honeymoon and save it for your first Christmas ornament as a married couple.

If you’re having a beach wedding on a hot day, fans are necessary. Perhaps add one to each chair so that each guest automatically has their own.

Be creative and keep your beverages cool in a kayak or canoe cooler. Simply fill a kayak or canoe with ice and voila!

Give your wedding invitations some added flare by adding depictions of nature on the inside of the envelopes. You can use palm leaves or various flowers!

You’re on a beach! Forget the whole tin cans tied to car bumper. Instead, envision riding away on a bicycle built for two people with a “Just Married” pennant.

If not the terrariums, dress your tables up with sculptural shells and coral like pieces. Use large conch and murex shells, cattleya orchids, smaller marlin spike shells, a pillar candle, and painted manzanita branches.

Add a small branch on top of each rolled up napkin for an oceanic theme. Tie capiz shells on top of the rolled up napkins prior.

Be fun with your seating cards! Use these brightly colored parasols to assign seats.

End the night with beautiful lanterns you light up and let float into the sky! Sky lanterns are meant to bring good luck and they’re great for your wedding photos!

If not messages in a bottle, then have all your guests sign one big wooden anchor when they arrive. Anchors are a symbol of a love that will always be rooted.

Provide pails full of pebbles that your guests can actually snack on! They stick to the theme and their sweet treats for your guests. Remember to provide a note letting everyone know that these rocks are for eating!

If you’re going to have a program at your wedding, why not attach it to individual fans? Kill two birds with one stone.

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