22 Facebook Breakups That Should’ve Never Been Posted.

22 Facebook Breakups That Should’ve Never Been Posted. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Facebook is a platform where you can openly express your opinions and ideas to the world. But most of the people choose to share their relationship and breakup stories to get some attention or feedback from the “friends” who added them. Check out these Facebook breakup statues and see what not to do when/if it happens to you.The shock in that comment and the apology, priceless.

At least Michael is pretty open and blunt about his “settings”.

Think before commenting, it is not always a messy breakup.

Hopefully the tumor was removed successfully and it won’t grow back again.

Well, on his defense, he was just asking for an honest opinion.

Divorce is the only option in such circumstances; no hope, no faith.

When you want to make your breakup public, make sure everyone enjoys the drama.

That insult was so harsh that the guy would regret his relationship with her for the rest of his life.

And that is how Facebook relationships go; they change with each status update.

The moral of the story, never share you weaknesses and precious things to your temporary boyfriends.

And still, men are dogs. That story snatched away all her credibility.

Don’t really know what’s going on between them but one thing’s clear; they need to learn what an “open relationship” is.

Does that look like the dream proposal to you? Well, probably he proposed a bit romantically at Walmart.

And that is why Facebook is a social networking website.

It seems as if the important factor for that decision was that no one wanted to buy the ring.

Times when Facebook reveals more secrets. The pros and cons of a social networking site.

Fist, he gets caught cheating. Second, he doesn’t log off his Facebook account. So many mistakes in one post.

Maybe he was just making up a joke to impress his Facebook friends. Instead he just got busted.

Make an inappropriate joke, at a cost of a girlfriend. Totally worth it.

Always wait for the reply, man. Always wait.

No relationship ends without an offensive comment. It just has to be there.

Because sometimes, you just have to say it out loud.

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