22 Lazy People Who Took ‘Can’t Be Bothered’ To Extreme Levels.

22 Lazy People Who Took ‘Can’t Be Bothered’ To Extreme Levels. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Every person has a little bit of laziness in them. Sometimes, it’s not something we can control. Even though you know you should be doing something, you can’t help but to lay there and do absolutely nothing. It can spring on you from exhaustion or it can come out of nowhere. Some people, however, are so incredibly lazy, that they’ve created shortcuts for themselves. Others call these people extremely lazy but I call them brilliant. Take a look for yourself and be the judge.Just because your dog is getting exercise it doesn’t mean you need it too.

Now you’ve got a disco ball of lights!

It may take longer to cook whatever’s on your skewer but at least you don’t really have to move.

It must suck whenever he needs to get up to use the bathroom though.

Only paint what you need to paint. Save that time for something important.

So people don’t have to step foot on the ground, obviously.

Definitely a clever way to excuse yourself.

And create their own path right through the middle.

Dogs can get creative with their laziness too. Maybe he learned from his human.

It takes true skill to type with your toes.

Why physically stir when you can just press a button?

Just use a new cup each time, that’s how it’s done.

But he’s actually being very efficient and cutting time with this technique.

Instead of moving that rock, just paint over it for revenge. Right, revenge. That’s why you’re painting over it.

This is actually a brilliant idea!

This is a great example of how to use one.

I see he’s wasted no time and put it to immediate use.

In situations like these, can you blame the litterer?

But this just means employees need to be creative.

But you’re in the backyard… where could she possibly go?

This man is doing it right.

Getting all the snow off is a luxury.

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