22 Mason Jar Ideas You Simply HAVE To Try… Especially #7.

22 Mason Jar Ideas You Simply HAVE To Try… Especially #7. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Mason jars are the sacred chalices of millennial hipster-hood, and these days, you won’t be hard-pressed to find mason jars filling cupboards, used as craft beer receptacles at brewhouses, and even being converted into water bottles at the gym. Beyond simply drinking Kombucha out of them while stroking your well-groomed beard, there are plenty of things you can do with mason jars that might actually be helpful to your life. We’ve compiled 22 of them below -Instead of using a basket, package some Easter surprises in mason jars by resting them on a bed of Easter grass and tying them with a festive bow.

Create fun lanterns out of mason jars by decorating the outside and placing a votive at the bottom of the jar.

For those of you who prefer not to use Tupperware, mason jars make great on-the-go salad containers.

This candle holder will have you dreaming the sea. It would also be great for a beach-themed party or wedding.

Keep those nasty spring mosquitoes away by using a mason jar to make your own citronella candles.

These little pies are not only easy to bake, but also look great inside clear mason jars.

Layer the crust for a better bite, and garnish the top of your mason jar pie with a slice of lime.

Instead of using lamp shades, you can attach mason jars to hanging light fixtures to create a whimsical down-home look for your space. This works really well in rooms with lots of woodwork.

Give someone a gift they’ll really appreciate by outfitting mason jars with cocktail supplies.

Also called “overnight oats,” you can place oatmeal, fruit, and milk into a jar, put in the fridge overnight, and enjoy them in the morning for breakfast.

Their size makes them the perfect conveyance for infused waters and teas. Don’t forget to eat the fruit at the end!

Repurpose your matchbox into a sweet little mason jar match holder, complete with a striker on top!

Chrome or metallic paint can turn your mason jars into awesome vases, perfect for housing springtime flowers.

You can put mason jars into the oven, so why not try baking little individual cakes inside each one? You can also experiment with lava cakes and chocolate chip cookies

Place a votive into a mason jar and hang outside for a simple outdoor lantern that will look amazing once the sun goes down.

Adding a hole to the lid and a pump for the soap can turn a mason jar into a great looking bathroom or kitchen accessory.

Glass beads can turn the average mason jar into a fancy luminary – think about how great these would look on a holiday dining table.

Decorate a few mason jars and use them to organize and separate your silverware.

This is a great idea for craftier folks, and there is a lot of room to get creative.

This is a great autumnal activity to do with kids, and can also be done using fake leaves in the off-season.

These glowy jars are created by cutting open glow sticks and coating the inside of the jar. Add glitter for some extra sparkle.

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