22 Things You Can Do With Coffee Besides Drinking It.

22 Things You Can Do With Coffee Besides Drinking It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you think of all the things that you could do with coffee, the only thing that comes to mind is the obvious; you drink it. There’s no big mystery… or is there? It turns out that you can do a lot of things with coffee that can benefit you in your daily routine. You might even call coffee the jack of all trades because it can provide you with some cool ways of doing your household chores, and it can also work wonders for your beauty regimen too. So next time that you consider pouring that cold coffee you didn’t drink for breakfast down the drain, or throwing your coffee grounds in the trash, you might want to reconsider using them for these purposes.When you follow a recipe to make brownies, switch out the liquids for leftover coffee. What you’ll end up with is a delicious coffee brownie that is tasty, complex, and full of flavor. Any coffee lover will fall head over heels for it.

Maybe you left an onion in your fridge and now the stench is overwhelming every time you open the door. Don’t worry. You can use some coffee grounds to mask the smell. It’s far more pleasant, and it’s a great deodorizer, especially if you don’t have any baking soda.

Maybe you handled fish, and now you can’t get the stench off no matter how many times you’ve washed your hands. In that case, use coffee grounds. Not only will your hands smell nicer, but the grounds are a great exfoliator, so your hands will feel smoother.

Work some coffee grounds into your hair using your fingers the next time you take a shower. The grounds are so gritty that they’ll get rid of any hair gel or hairspray build-up, leaving your hair nice and shiny. As a bonus, the grounds will also darken your hair color too.

The grounds will get rid of any old skin that may be keeping your healthy skin from looking awesome. The revitalizing effects are simply amazing. Use a loofah to rub the grounds on your skin and you’ll look incredibly radiant.

Add a spoon of coffee grounds, a couple of drops of olive oil, and mix well. Then just rub onto the affected areas. You can pretty much try this on any part of your body where you see cellulite, like your legs or your tummy.

You can add some beans to a transparent jar. You can go to a craft store and buy jars that come in all sorts of wavy shapes. Some even have loops. Once you’ve picked your ideal jar or vase, pour some coffee beans and you’ll be all set.

Cats and dogs will attract fleas when they’re playing in the yard or park. It turns out that the same exfoliating skin treatment you use to get rid of cellulite and other skin issues will also help get rid of fleas from your pets. Next time you bathe your flea-infested pets, use coffee grounds.

Scented herbal soaps aren’t for everyone. But there’s one thing a lot of you can agree on and that’s the fact that you need your cup of coffee to get your morning started. By making your own soap from coffee, you’ll exfoliate your skin, deodorize your body, and you’ll come out smelling like a fresh cup of coffee.

Adding grounds to the soil can help things grow faster because they attract worms, and compost benefits from what worms do. So the next time you prepare to plant something, try mixing some leaves, some moss, and some coffee grounds together and add them to your soil.

All you have to do is mix dried coffee grounds with your carrot seeds before planting them. This will help your carrots grow. Just make sure that the grounds aren’t freshly brewed or this could delay the growth-stimulating effect.

You can use coffee grounds to keep your cats, or a neighborhood cat from wrecking your lovely garden. Just add the grounds to the compost or anywhere near a house plant that you don’t want your cat climbing on and voila! Instant cat repellent.

Collect enough grounds to fill up a 2-gallon bucket halfway. Then slightly moisten the grounds and add the edible mushroom spores and sawdust mixture and work it into the soil. Just don’t forget to drill some holes in the bucket so that the carbon dioxide can escape during the mushroom growing process.

The abrasiveness of the coffee grounds will cut through the grease layers of your pots and pans. Just be careful when you use it on any pans made of Teflon. You can also increase its cleaning power by combining the grounds with some baking soda.

For all you coffee fans out there, you should know that you can place coffee grounds near your A/C vents. This will carry the coffee aroma to all the rooms in your home. You’ll swear that you’ve stepped into a Starbucks. It really is the best air freshener you can have.

Just rub some grounds delicately against all those scratch marks on your wooden chair, your tables, or your kitchen cabinets and you’ll not only mask those unsightly scratches, but also the wood discoloration that often occurs over time.

Next time you make gingerbread pancakes, add some brewed coffee to the mix. You can also make a coffee banana smoothie by adding bananas, yogurt, cocoa powder, honey and of course, some espresso. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee contains a pH number of around 5, which makes it somewhat acidic. This is great because you can change the color of your flowers. For example, your hydrangeas can go from pink to blue. Just add the grounds to the soil and the hydrangeas will absorb natural aluminum in the dirt that will change its color.

You already know that it can remove the smell of onions from the fridge, but it can also get rid of the smell of garlic, as well as other pungent smells like fish. It not only works in the fridge, but also on your hands too.

Dip the paper into the brown colored-water and then allow it to dry. This will make the paper look like an antique. You can also scrub wooden panels with the same mixture and get the same effect. It’s perfect for art projects.

Coffee grounds have a way for repelling ants in ways that no one is entirely sure of. You’ll also find that the acidic content of the grounds will keep slugs away. Give it a try in your garden, particularly in areas where you know that ant hills tend to form.

You can get different color tones by changing how much water you put in the mix. If you want a lighter color then add more water. If you want the color to be more intense, just add a little less water. It’s that easy.

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