22 Tips & Tricks To Handle Any Fashion Emergency.

22 Tips & Tricks To Handle Any Fashion Emergency. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Clothing emergencies can happen to anyone anywhere at anytime. Because they can happen literally in any environment, there won’t always be an easy solution. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to solve common clothing emergencies. If you ever find yourself in an emergency that’s not listed below, don’t panic. Most of the hacks here are temporary fixes using everyday items. Whenever you find yourself in a clothing emergency, just relax and look at your surroundings — search for an item that can temporarily help you. All it takes is a little creative thinking!Repair your favorite necklaces when the chain breaks with some paper clips! Remember to wear your hair down afterwards to make sure the paper clips are hidden.

Is your fly always going down unintentionally? Make sure your fly is never open again by looping a hair tie around the zipper and looping it to your button!

This trick will only work for items that have a little wrinkled spot. Simply wet your hand with water prior to flicking the wrinkled spot. After the wrinkled spot is damp, dry it with a blowdryer and voila!

The go-to solution to fixing a heel is glue! But of course not many people have glue on hand during a night out dancing. In situations like this, you can use gum to keep the heel attached until you get home!

Suede is such a fabulous material for any clothing item or fashion accessory. The only downfall: all the dirt and lint it attracts. Keep your suede dirt and lint free with an emery board!

Stains are inevitable from time to time. Always keep an extra scarf or jacket at your work desk or car so you can cover up an unexpected stain whenever you need to!

Spray the inside of a skirt with some hairspray to keep them from sticking to your legs. If you’re wearing tights underneath your skirt, spray your tights as well.

Zippers get stuck sometimes. Easily unstick them by using either a candle, orthodontic wax, or soap. Just rub either one of the three along the zipper teeth until the zipper pull moves smoothly again.

Bra straps are never meant to be shown! So if you don’t have a special bra for all your halter tank tops, don’t worry. Simply use a paper clip or two to corral the bra straps so they lay inside your shirt.

If you got some old looking leather shoes, make them look new again with petroleum jelly! They might even look shinier than when you first got them.

Glasses can be very fragile. If they ever somehow fall to the ground, chances are the sides broke off. Don’t worry! You can temporarily fix them with your stud earrings.

If you don’t have any fancy grease stain remover, don’t worry. Baby powder can do the trick! Just cover the greasy spot with baby powder and let it sit over night. Wash the clothing item the next day and repeat until the grease stain is gone.

Remove makeup from clothing with baby wipes! A quick scrub will get rid of any shadow, foundation, or lipstick from what you’re wearing.

For those of us who don’t have a steamer, you can substitute it with a steamy shower! Turn on the hot water and let it run to steam up the bathroom. Leave your clothing item hanging in there for a few minutes and your wrinkles will be gone!

Has one of your favorite bra’s wires started poking out? Instead of throwing the bra away, stick a piece of moleskin padding to block the wire from poking your skin!

Sometimes we don’t catch the loose button in time and they suddenly go missing out of nowhere. In situations like these you can hide where the button was supposed to be with a pin!

This could happen to any girl, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! If you ever find yourself with a sudden broken strap, just tie it into a knot to hold through whatever errands or activities you’re doing.

Do you collars keep popping on their own? Keep them down by placing fabric peel-and-stick adhesive on the inside of the collar.

It’s very easy to lose the backings of earrings. Instead of desperately searching for one in the jewelry drawer, you can use a pencil eraser for a temporary fix!

Secure a loose button with clear nail polish! This trick, however, will only last 1-2 days so make sure you’ll sew it as soon as you can!

Finding the perfect jeans is near impossible. They’re too big, too small, too long, too short — it’s never-ending. Long jeans, nonetheless, can be fixed. All you need to do is fold the jean under and use duct or packing tape to secure the fold. Of course this is just a temporary fix until you find the time to sew them properly!

At often times, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a string missing from one side of your hoodie or sweat pants. Don’t lose all hope just yet. You can rethread the string simply by threading the string into a straw, stapling it and then pushing it back through.

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