22 Uncomfortable Photos We Wish We’d Never Seen.

22 Uncomfortable Photos We Wish We’d Never Seen. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s very easy to make a person feel uncomfortable. Throw them into an environment full of tension, surround them with people they don’t get along with, or throw broken patterns and imperfect symmetry in front of them. Even if a person isn’t a perfectionist, it’s easy to get bothered by something that’s not perfect. Our minds just like seeing things ordered in a nice way. Things that aren’t in the right place can be very unpleasant to the eye. Don’t believe us? See for yourself if the following photos put you in any discomfort.When you try to look smart but you accidentally screw it up.

Definitely do not want to know what all those bookmarks represent.

Why can’t you just be normal like the other pencils?

What’s the maximum amount of people in this thing?

I just wanna take the matter into my own hands and untangle the earphones myself.

How it grew through it, I don’t understand.

If one does it that way, everyone has to do it too. Right?

And then you find this! Time to move out!

What’s the point of a non-stick fry pan with this in the way?!

Oh the irony! It must have been a Samsung battery.

The things you’ll come across in North London.

Whoever’s bathroom this is has an odd sense of humor.

This is just a huge fail. Who designed this?!

So was this intentional or unintentional?

But maybe it’s different from a kid’s perspective?

“Oh whoops, sorry! Wrong floor!!!”

Apparently that one job was to annoy everyone else.

I wonder how many people actually tried kicking i to fix it.

Because if not, what is that hole even there for??

Obviously someone doesn’t like pie crust.

The most wrong way you could possibly cut bread. I guess it’s time for ultra-long sandwiches!

This is a prime example of someone who doesn’t have their life together.

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