23 Exciting Dollar Store DIY Projects. I’m Doing #12 With My Kids Tonight.

23 Exciting Dollar Store DIY Projects. I’m Doing #12 With My Kids Tonight. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dollar stores tend to get a bad rap. When you think of the low priced items they carry, we judge it as low quality and let’s be honest, ‘cheap looking’ stuff. It may be time for you to give your neighborhood store another chance.

Here are some really cool DIY projects that look like they were bought at a boutique.Purchase approximately 19 compact mirrors. Break them in half, spray paint to desired color. Lay out the mirrors to figure out the design. Hot glue the mirrors together.

Place a styrofoam ball on a candlestick.

Rip plastic flowers from the stem, stick these to the styrofoam in a row while hot glueing them. Tie a ribbon on the base of the candlestick.

If your laptop cover has seen better days, give it a make-over. Contact paper is your answer. Trace along the laptop so you can cut around it the shape.

To keep the logo showing, outline the shape and use an x-facto knife to carve it out. Pull off the cover paper and tape it on. Smooth it out to get rid of bubbles.

Purchase a plant, white gravel and vase.

Take the plant out of its planter and place in the vase. Add the gravel and enjoy your new terrarium.

Using a stencil, cut out your desired word or shape and adorn with thumbtacks.

Use an inexpensive dollar store glass vase and paint horizontal stripes.

To achieve the ombre effect start with white acrylic paint at the top. Each stripe should have a darker shade of your favorite color.

Spray paint the black rubber mat in a white vintage color.

After it dries, hand sand it to give it an aged look.

Print your favorite photo on vellum paper.

Insert the paper and wrap around the glass vase. Insert a candle in the center.

Fill a vase full with river rocks, add branches to the center.

Add additional flowers and leaves.

Spray paint photo frames and candlesticks in black.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the two pieces and let it dry.

Take a plastic toy dinosaur (preferably hollow), cut in half.

Inject the tail end with caulking. Stick a suction cup into the caulking and let it dry.

Slice a pool noodle into 1″ thick pieces.

Use thread and a needle to create a garland.

Fit and hot glue floral foam into pots. Insert a skewer stick in the middle of the foam. Glue the greenery ball.

Paint the stick in a mossy green. Wrap modelling clay around the stick to appear like a vine. Paint the clay in same mossy green. Cover the top of the pot with moss.

Take old pillows and sew two bandanas together to make new pillow cases.

Cut the fabric like you are wrapping a present to cover the whole bin.

Spray the bin generously with spray adhesive. Cut the fabric diagonally into each corner and attach it to the bin.

Make your greenhouse with lightweight photo frames. You will need the following sizes: two 8 X 10′s, two 5 X 7′s, and four 4 X 6′s.

Paint the frames in a light color. Apply hot glue in each of the four corners of the frames. Place your plants of choice in their new home.

For the stove burner cover, spray paint it.

Mod Podge design paper. Drill two holes, where you will tie your ribbons to hang.

Glass paint pens and your inner artist is what is required to take a dull mug in to one with personality.

Using five square mirrors of the same size, hot glue together.

Create an open top box where you can insert a potted plant.

Purchase a black rubber mat and attach river rocks with an adhesive.

Use different colors and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind creation.

Grab a grapevine wreath and attach plastic vines and flowers of your choice.

You can add a large bow or even little birds to personalize.

When making wax candles be a little rebellious.

Use cookie cutters for the shape for your creations. These are great because your designs can change based on the season or holiday.

Purchase a lightweight scarf.

Hot glue the base of the headband and wrap around the piece. Meet at the corner top to create a big and fun bow.

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