23 Office Hacks That’ll Make Your Boss Think You’re A Genius.

23 Office Hacks That’ll Make Your Boss Think You’re A Genius. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Not everyone looks forward to going to work, especially if it’s an office setting. Coming to work everyday to sit in your cubicle can get boring but sometimes your boredom leads to creative ideas. If you’re like me, you’re always on the search for the best way to stay organized and manage time. Everyone’s heard of life hacks but have you ever thought of creating office hacks to make your work life a little easier? Fortunately for us, other people have. So for the time being, we can just use some of their hacks before creating some of our own.This will make a great place to keep and organize your metal objects and have them easily accessible.

It’ll organize all the different supplies you have in such a cute way.

Who said there were any rules against hogging the faster wifi?

Great for a cubicle work space where you use headphones all day.

Talk about life saver.

Looks like it’s time to stock up on binder clips.

Just punch a bunch of tiny holes into the cup.

It can be a holder for either your iPhone or iPod, or any smartphone for that matter.

This will help keep cords off the floor, away from legs vacuums, etc.

This way, you’ll always have it with you.

Put all your office supplies or whatever you want into them.

However, we strongly suggest to only use in emergencies!

This will make great subtle storage to your outfit.

Try getting some exercise done at work by switching your desk chair with a large exercise ball or replacing your sitting desk with a standing desk.

This way, you’ll drill holes only where you need them.

If you don’t have anything else to use. Just go onto Google, type in “Set timer for ___ minutes” and voila, you have a timer.

You can get them for cheap prices at the store!

This is especially great for shirt collars.

This will help keep your lunch cold without ice melting all over it.

So that you’ll never drink stale coffee in the office ever again.

Added bonus: You can write on them!

This will help you stay hydrated. Sometimes you’re too busy to remember to drink water throughout your day.

Just color in the parts that are missing!

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