23 Rude Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Nativity Scene.

23 Rude Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Nativity Scene. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

With Christmas only a few weeks away, it makes perfect sense that some folks would start dusting off those nativity scene displays and placing them indoors or out on the porch for the neighbors to see. But what might seem like a sacred way to honor the birth of Jesus to you, may seem more like a cat hangout for your feral feline. So, here’s a collection of cats who insisted on crashing one of the most celebrated births around the world. They’re so hilarious that you’ll be screaming, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, from laughing so hard at these adorable little cats.”So, Sorry! Were you planning to use this basket for something else? I thought it was just for me.” Well, look. It doesn’t seem like Mary or Joseph seem to mind that Jesus is a cat this year, so why should we?

The poor kitty thought you were doing something nice, and finally bought him his own cat hotel. Sorry, Mary, looks like you’ll be celebrating the birth of your kid in another manger. This one’s booked solid.

It’s okay if you kept your kitty’s name off the guest list. It’s going to crash this holy event, whether you like it or not, and don’t think you’re off the hook. Kitty’s never going to forget the day you left him out of the loop.

All hail to the feline king! The Lion King? Never heard of him. But who needs him anyway, when we’re vowing down to the most adorable little fur ball.

From your cat’s perspective, those figurines are lunch, but the moment it realizes that ceramic doesn’t taste as good as mice, it’ll start tearing the scene apart. Maybe you should consider displaying the scene somewhere where kitty can’t reach.

Looks like Krampus might have sent him to ruin your Christmas.

Just try and tell this kitty to get out of there and prevent her from participating in this holy scene, and it’ll fling its paws and send Jesus, Mary and Joseph to meet their ceramic doom when they crash on the floor.

Looks like kitty learned something from “Where’s Waldo?” Can you spot him? It’s the most adorable ornament of the entire nativity scene. But you might want to get him out of there before it knocks the Wise Men over?

Of all the places this kitty would have decided to lay down and chillax, it chose its human family’s nativity scene. At least, it was kind enough not to knock any of the ornaments off. But we sure hope it doesn’t have a nightmare or it’s bye-bye Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Lights guided this kitty to the manger. But it looks like the cat is out of the bag because he’s been caught. Oh well, we’re sure his human family won’t mind if he crashes the party, and neither will the little figurines.

It looks like Christmas is in trouble now that a huge cat has decided to attack the manger and rewrite history. Or maybe it just ran out of toothpicks and needs the roof to pick out some mouse that’s stuck in his teeth.

It saw all the other people displayed beautifully, and thought, “Hey, I want to participate in this too.” Where else can a kitty hang out with farm animals and a holy savior during the Christmas season?

“Alright, fine, if you guys like the kid more than me, that’s cool. I’ll just pack my bags and go live somewhere else.” Oh, kitty, please don’t leave. Quick, someone get him a treat or a ball of yarn to make him feel special.

Looks like he made himself quite at home in the manger. You know you’ve got to do better when your cat is looking to life-size figures from the nativity scene to get some attention and TLC. Maybe Mary and Joseph will wind up adopting him?

If you guessed the cat, then you’re right on track, just like those wise men figurines. Now what will it take to get you onboard and get you to worship this adorable soft kitty? Come on, at least leave a saucer of milk by the manger.

It’s a kitty celebration, but the only thing that it wants to do is lay on this bale of hay. It doesn’t know why everyone is making such a fuss over him and his friends in the background. You’d swear that they’d never seen a cat before.

“Could someone please take a selfie of me with the holy family. It’s like a dream come true, and it’ll make my Insta-followers skyrocket.” Oh, alright kitty. You can stop your crying. We’ll take a photo of you. Say “Nativity Scene.”

Looks like this kitty is taking over as the new “Grinch” this holiday season. He looks like he’s so over it, or maybe he’s just mad that someone placed the nativity scene where he usually likes to lie down and do nothing all day.

“I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille. Wait, what do you mean I’m not a part of this play?” Uh, oh! Looks like someone better give this cat a part soon or all hell might break loose on this nativity set.

It might seem like kitty is fixated on the cross on top of the manger, but what it’s really trying to figure out is whether you knew that there was another cat living in the house, and it has glowing yellow eyes.

There was an ox, a donkey, and camels but this year, kitty and his friends decided to change things up a bit, and correct an age-old injustice. This Christmas, cats get to be represented in the nativity scene and will not be ignored.

We’re sure that in this instance, everyone can make an exception for this little ball of fur, who’s as happy as can be inside what he thinks is his little home.

Oh, sure, the savior might have been born, but this kitty is committing hubris by trying to prove that he’s really on top of the world, or at least, on top of the manger. We sure hope that he doesn’t decide to poop all over Christmas this year.

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