23 Serious Fingernail Symptoms To Watch For.

23 Serious Fingernail Symptoms To Watch For. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Our nails are a very important part of our body. Extending out of the flesh, the nails are quite like the bones, providing support for various functions of the fingers and toes. With that in mind, the health of our nails is just as important as that of other parts of the body. Though there are signs from the nails that indicate our health, there are many people who are still oblivious to these little hints and only notice the problem when it has deteriorated. Here are examples that you should pay attention to.Small brown or red spots under the nail represents tiny ruptured blood vessel. While they are not uncommon, appearing under the nails points toward psoriasis, lupus, or even heart disease.

These horizontal indentations usually appear after suffering an injury or illness. This is also seen in zinc deficiency.

The dirty yellow hues on the nails indicate the presence of lung cancer as well as lymphatic fluids. It also occurs from the stain of nail polish.

Though this condition is rarely a cause for concern, it has also been detected as a result of psoriasis, arthritis or even alopecia.

If the nails become soft, and indented to the point of able to hold water, it may mean that the person is experiencing iron deficiency.

This sore look on the nails can be very bad news; the presence of a dangerous skin cancer called melanoma.

This condition is usually associated with over-exposure to chemicals like laundry detergent as well as nail polish. It is also seen in people with fungal infection.

There isn’t necessarily a medical condition related to this occurrence, though there might be a fungal infection somewhere. Note that if the nails get too thick, they might have to be removed.

Faint and discolored bands across the nails signify that the body lacks protein. There could also be signs of liver or kidney diseases, as well as a by-product of chemotherapy.

This condition is also known as ‘onychogryphosis’ which is commonly seen in older people.

This happens when the top layers of the nail flake away, often seen as an effect of nail trauma.

This wrinkly nail often occurs along with aging. Gently filing and buffing can help prevent it.

Also called ‘onycholysis’, this condition causes the tip of the nail to separate from the nail bed, as a result of either psoriasis or fungal infection.

This is often seen in people with cyst; that presses downwards on the nail. Unless other symptoms begin to appear, this condition is deemed harmless.

A bacterial infection that turns the nails green; it is commonly referred to as mold in layman’s terms.

This here is an extreme version of spoon-shaped nails, usually seen in people with low iron deficiency as well as anemia or liver condition.

In this medical condition, the nails turn completely white except for the thin pink band at the tips. Though common in aging people, it can also indicate kidney and heart failure.

This is a condition in which the nails become loose and come apart from the fingers, often resulting from an injury or infection.

When the nails thicken and new growth is suspended, it could mean that you have yellow nail syndrome, which is common in people with respiratory problems.

This is a condition that is more common in black people than it is in others. It is often associated with melanoma.

This condition signified various complications, and they differ according to their reactions. Heart failure for instance, turns the lunula red.

The obliteration of the lunula, as well as distal nail turning brown are some of the indicators that the person has renal failure.

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