23 Sneaky Things Women Do To Let Guys Know They’re Interested…

23 Sneaky Things Women Do To Let Guys Know They’re Interested… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever been friends with someone who you think is interested in you but is in a relationship? It happens. Of course this doesn’t mean he or she is unfaithful. There just might be some sort of unspoken level of attraction between you two. However, you can never really be too sure. If you’re not carefully analyzing everything, you might be jumping to the wrong conclusions. So here, we’ve create a list of signs that a woman who’s already in a relationship might be attracted to you. If she fits all of the things listed below, you might want to remind her not to pursue something she’ll regret in the long run. However, if there’s a special connection between you two that you can’t ignore, it’ll be best not to make any moves until she decides to break up with the other guy. Respect whatever relationship she already has going on.It’s pretty simple, if you think about it. She wouldn’t lay a single finger on a guy if she doesn’t like him. She’ll usually do subtle moves like pushing the you, or just getting close to you.

For some reason instead of telling her girl friends or sometimes even her boyfriend the great new news, she decides to tell you instead. Suspicious? We think so.

She’s focused on the one-on-one time she has with you. She’d rather devote all the time she has with you solely with you.

Quite simply, she knows how to make you feel better. If you’re having a terrible day, she’ll know exactly how to cheer you up.

Women have a bad habit of being unaware of their staring. They might zone out with a head full of thoughts all while staring at you. Why would she stare at a guy she didn’t care for?

Facebook is full of information. Maybe you’ll notice that she’s leaving comments and/or likes on super old photos or posts. Her attraction to you may have made her curious.

This means presents for your birthday, Christmas, graduation, a job promotion, etc. It seems like just a nice gesture at first and then the presents just keep coming and coming.

These are all terms of endearment. But of course, keep notice if she calls anyone else this as well. In some situations, there are ladies who just like to use those types of nicknames for everyone.

You’re always having the best long conversations. However, don’t mistaken a woman who enjoys talking to everyone as someone who solely likes talking to you. There’s a difference.

This may be because she’s intentionally trying her best to be faithful to her boyfriend. Of course this doesn’t mean you should hit on her. Be respectful.

She likes to get you to try her favorite drinks out of her own cup. She doesn’t mind sharing the same saliva with you.

A woman telling you that you’re a “stranger” obviously means she wants to spend more time with you. She most likely secretly wants to be closer to you.

What other reason would she want to get to know you more? If she wasn’t interested in you, she wouldn’t take the time to know you better.

Whether she feeds you with compliments or picks on you constantly, it’s definitely a sign of some type of affection. She probably cracks jokes on you every time she’s with you.

Between her and you, there is no “personal space.” She’ll be right inside your bubble and probably won’t even notice.

Women don’t usually do this. You might even notice a lot of women like to look away, avoid eye contact. But if she’s interested, you’ll notice a lot of eye action being exchanged back and forth.

When a girl plays with her hair, you’ll know she’s flirting. However, note that stokes of her hair and hair tosses may indicate that she enjoys your company whereas repeatedly toying with her tresses may indicate she’s nervous about you.

Imitation really is the most sincere form of flattery. Apparently if a woman is into you, she’ll subconsciously mirror your moves. She’ll touch her face or reach for her drink right after you do.

This is also another distinctive gesture of flirting from women. It sometimes means that you’ve caught her attention.

When a woman arches her back, her chest and legs stand out more. This extenuates her physique. If you catch her arching her back from a distance, she might be doing it to attract you.

This is her way of letting you know that she’s having fun. Giggling is also a woman’s way of trying to come off more feminine to get you to like her.

You might notice this while she’s sitting down. When a woman becomes aroused, she’ll let her show fall off her foot partially.

Either it’s super hot where you guys are or she’s reacting to a heightened emotional state. It might be due to embarrassment but also might be due to attraction.

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