24 Amazing Projects Using PVC Pipe… With #10 You’ll Win At Summer.

24 Amazing Projects Using PVC Pipe… With #10 You’ll Win At Summer. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

PVC pipes, also known as polyvinyl chloride pipes, are pipes usually used for household plumbing, construction projects, etc. Most people don’t view these pipes as tools for anything else outside of the fields just previously mentioned. These people, however, are missing out. It turns out PVC pipes are great tools for many creative and/or handy DIY projects. If you don’t have any pipes laying around the house, don’t worry. You can buy them at your local hardware store at a cheap price! Take a look at some of the projects we have below that’ll be useful to just about anyone. Turns out these pipes are a great way to store and organize.Organize the clothes in your drawers by storing them into individual compartments within the drawers. Try cutting down some of the pipes similar to the size in the photo to separate your stocking from your scarves and etc.

Spray paint a few PVC pipes in nice metallic colors and then use them to create a vertical hanging succulent garden! This would look great both inside an outside.

Another great way to use the pipes to organize/store is to turn them into a shoe organizer! Just make sure you get the right size that your shows fill fit inside of. You can even decorate them if you want to.

Cut up the pipes to create handy toothbrush holders in the bathroom. This is especially good for people who tend to leave their toothbrushes across the sink.

Put the pipes together to create one big base for an outdoor movie screen. This would be great for those warm summer nights! Invite friends and family over for weekly movie nights.

If you want to give your bed a mini upgrade, try using the pipes to create a bed canopy! Connect them together to create a square rod over your bed.

Stray away from your traditional plant pots, and get creative. Paint some pipes a copper color and connect them together to recreate this unique wall planter.

If you have a large collection of different colored writing utensils, this is the project for you. Cut the pipes into smaller pieces to hold your many different pens and markers.

If you have a dog that likes to get dirty, connect the pipes together to create a personalized washer for your pup! It’ll definitely make washing him/her a lot easier.

If you own a lot of books or would just like a shelf to help store/organize your possessions, try connecting the pipes together to recreate this book shelf. Use the pipes to make the base and then use wood planks for each individual shelf.

Or if you have a kid who loves to roll around in the grass, you can make a water sprinkler for them out of the pipes! It’s like the dog washer, but a little bigger.

If you’ve got a lot of bracelets, try using the pipes as racks. Just cut the pipes into the right length and attach them to a sturdy base.

Are we at Chuck E. Cheese? Nope, we’re at home! Make your very own indoor ball pit by connecting the pipes to make a base and then filling in all the sides with mesh.

If you have a craft room filled with many different technicolored tape rolls, this would be a great way to organize them. Much like the bracelet rack, here you’re using the pipes as racks for the tape. You can also use the rack for ribbons.

Connect the pipes together to create the shape of a mini house and then surround it with curtains to create the ultimate indoor fort! A kid’s dream come true.

Or if you want to make a teepee, form the pipes together in the shape of a huge triangle before filling up the sides with fabric. This teepee can be used both inside and outside.

Use the pipes to create a wine rack to store all your delicious wine bottles in an easy-to-grab manner. Bonus, you can attach a chalkboard panel to the rack that you can use as a place to write your grocery lists, to-do lists, or just a fun place to doodle.

Another craft material that you can store using the pipes is paint! Attach the pipes to the wall to make the room look less cluttered.

If your desk is filled with various objects that are hard to keep track of most of the time, try cutting the pipes to use them as desk organizers. This way, you can find what you’re looking for much faster.

Weave rope around a square of connected tubes to recreate this cozy outdoor swing. Just hang your creation from a tree using the same rope and you’re good to go.

Cut a wide slit in your pipe to create a handy cup dispenser. This is a great accessory to have at parties.

If you got a kid who likes to spy on others, help them out by making this playful giant periscope. It won’t be subtle, but it’ll get the job done.

Attach the pipes together to create the ultimate centerpiece! It can be used as a table planter, utensil holder, or vase.

Connect the pipes together to create your very own laundry bin. This way, you can create whatever size of a bin you want. Who needs that $40 one from Target.

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