24 Cheap (And Totally Doable) DIY Projects For Your Backyard… I’m Doing #9 Today.

24 Cheap (And Totally Doable) DIY Projects For Your Backyard… I’m Doing #9 Today. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Summer is rapidly approaching, causing many of us to open our back doors and stare blankly at our woefully neglected backyards. The winter can really do a number on outdoor spaces, especially if you live in an area that is prone to snow and ice. Before you give up and head back to the sofa, take a look at these amazing backyard DIYs that will get your yard into tip-top shape in no time. With a few materials and a ton of creativity, your backyard space will become your favorite part of the house – **and just in time for the warm days of summer.**Give your outdoor lighting situation an upgrade by lining your fence with these awesome tiki torches, made from repurposed wine bottles.

For those who like to get creative with their tools, this log lounger is an excellent outdoor DIY option.

Take a section from the middle of a pallet and plant a row of awesome succulents, for a beautiful outdoor table that has a permanent centerpiece.

Take some inspiration from this charming outdoor theater to create a dreamy outdoor space of your own. Bonus points if you’ve got a popcorn machine.

Hammocks are the ultimate outdoor relaxation spot during the warm summer months. Here is an affordable way to create your own and start sleeping the sunny Sunday afternoons away.

Adding cute cupcake papers to your string of fairy lights will take the level of charm up a notch. Pro-tip: You can find particularly adorable cupcake wrappers at IKEA.

Line your garden with lengths of steel pipe to section it off. Plant succulents in the top of the pipes to avoid making the space look too industrial.

If you’ve got an old or dilapidated garden shed, line the outside walls with mirrors for an upgrade. The mirrors will reflect the sky and trees around them, making the shed look beautiful

A few holes and some glass marbles are all you need to turn your boring wood fence into a whimsical, sun-streamed masterpiece.

A hula-hoop is lightweight, making it an excellent choice for this chandelier DIY. Simply wrap the hoop in string (to cover the plastic) and add strands of magical lights.

The orbs look awesome in a dark backyard. You could even use them to line the edges of your patio.

Keep the kids busy while you sip sangria with this excellent section of chalkboard fencing.

Take small pieces of a variety of succulents and replant them into a soil-stuffed wreath structure. This DIY is slightly time-consuming, but the final result is so beautiful that it’s totally worth it.

Paint a series of bricks to resemble old books to add some literary charm to your back porch, stairs, or patio.

Using larger pieces of wood to create a giant Jenga board is a great backyard idea. Warning: Losing at Giant Jenga is just as frustrating as losing at Normal-Sized Jenga.

Mark your garden with these painted stones – they’ll look much cuter than the markers sold with the seeds, and you can have your kids help you paint them.

Hanging CDs in your fruit trees will look unusual and cool, and they do quite well to keep hungry beaks from pecking away at your precious fruit.

Instead of letting an old tree stump go unused in your backyard, paint a simple checkerboard or chess board on top of it and situate the stump between two worthy competitors.

Wine bottles have a lot of great uses, including this amazing tea light covers that add a ton of elegance and charm.

Keep all your garden seeds organized with this clever storage solution.

Turn some old drawers into the most excellent plant shelves – you can even distress the drawers to make them look vintage.

Perfect for small spaces and herb gardens, these mason jar planters can easily be mounted onto outdoor walls.

Birds are great and everything, but who wouldn’t want to have a bunch of butterflies flocking to their yard for a drink. Follow the source below for a tutorial on how to create this butterfly feeder in no time.

Bricks usually come with two pre-cut holes, so why not put those holes to good use by commandeering them for succulents and tea lights. These will look great lining your backyard, or as a centerpiece for your picnic table.

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