24 Cheeky Dogs Who Mastered The Art Of Photobomb.

24 Cheeky Dogs Who Mastered The Art Of Photobomb. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs are much more like humans than you think. They are after all man’s best friend, just like how humans love making permanent memories on camera, so do canines! But to be frank, we’re not entirely sure if they love being in front of the camera for the memories. Sometimes it seems like they just love photobombing just to photobomb. Maybe they just love to steal all the attention in every situation. Whatever it is, they make the most hilarious photobomb photos. Take a look at all the times these dogs ruined perfectly good shots.So who’s proposing? The guy or the dog?

This is gold, love how it only focuses on the dog.

The cutest derp to exist.

Suspicious dog is suspicious. He might be onto something.

“Did you get it?! Am I up in the air?”

“I don’t care how many mommies I have, the more the merrier!”

He’s like a Muppet! The other dog is not impressed.

Omg look at this face. Perhaps she stopped mid-conversation to take the photo and that upset him very much.

This is like when your little brother tries to ruin your sleepover

Somebody needs to get a room. Have some manners!

Looks like that baby might have some Yoda wisdom up his sleeves.

What was that? I couldn’t here you over all that flapping.

Probably the cutest photobomb ever.

Another dog driver? Man, I got myself the wrong dog.

Brother from another mother.

Lucky human, I wish my dog drove me to work too.

Don’t open the door, it’s a zombie dog!

It’s like if the second dog was taking the picture and then running to not miss it.

This is possibly the greatest picture our generation.

Very curious as to what the situation is in this photo.

Is it just me or is this lab really photogenic?

Do you think one’s going to be enough….?

Haha that face! What a cutie though.

He’s running for dear life with the best face on ever.

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