24 Kitchen Fails That Are So Bad They’re Actually Impressive.

24 Kitchen Fails That Are So Bad They’re Actually Impressive. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The world is filled with extremely talented and skilled chefs and bakers. Although some people are naturally born with the knack to cook, it is believed that anyone can learn. Unfortunately, that belief is wrong. Not everyone can simply learn and quite frankly some people just need to stay away from the kitchen as much as possible. In the heat of the moment, disasters in the kitchen are not fun… but they’re hilarious to look at afterwards. Check out some of the worst (technically best) kitchen fails ever. If your cooking isn’t top par, you’ll definitely feel better about yourself after looking at some of these.And should never try to. How can you possibly burn spaghetti?

Not to mention that horror writing on the side of the cake that looks like someone was murdered and tried to write last words with their own blood.

But at least now you have a rice pop! What a mess!

Didn’t know such a small factor can drastically change the final product so much.

You monster! How do you not feel guilty from this?!

It looks like the recipe called for the souls of the damned.

Poor Tinkerbell, she doesn’t deserve to have something as ugly as this to represent her.

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

But somehow it turned into the Hiroshima of brownies. Nothing worse than having to clean the oven.

Can anyone else decipher what this was supposed to be?

Talk about faces in places. Kind of looks like the face you make when you turn on your phone at night.

Never had one in my nightmares before… but definitely will now.

Why does it look like he has a bloody nose.

I wonder if he noticed it or not… Did the lenses withstand the heat?

So much for smiley faces. They turned into vomiting souls.

This is a dream right? Please wake up, please wake up.!

So we got you Spongebob’s less famous brother methsponge Martin.

It went from snowman to Jabba the Hut.

But this cook definitely nailed it as much as she could.

But evidently also the quickest way to burn 2,000 calories!

It’s a piece of art! It’s not easy making a masterpiece like this.

But does anyone else think it looks like he harnessed the sun in that pot?

This looks pretty good. Remember, less is more!

But I would love to hear the story behind that lid in the ceiling.

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