24 Lonely People Who Have Even Less Friends Than You Do.

24 Lonely People Who Have Even Less Friends Than You Do. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Not everyone is a social butterfly and not everyone wants to be. Everyone is different when it comes to how they are with the relationships they hold in life. Some people like to engulf themselves into a large amount of friends, socializing as much as they can. Some people enjoy keeping a minimal amount of friends who they’re more intimate with. And others just preferred to be left alone. Some of us might find the idea of being alone weird but that’s not the case for them. They just really prefer to be alone. They don’t need friends. But when a person doesn’t need any friends, a lot of funny situations tend to arise.So we need to help this person find his/her cat!

Who needs to socialize with human beings when there’s a cute sucker running around the house?

And then this happened. Sometimes life just doesn’t add up.

Now every time you take a sip, you’re kissing someone (or something).

You don’t get this quality time like this with people IRL.

They don’t need anyone else but each other.

And you accept it.

Don’t give up just yet.

Sounds like you already have a night planned out with your best friend.

Forget frisbees, play with this new great toy that doesn’t require any partners.

I mean, look at how many toys he has.

And the perfect amount of people on the ride with him.

You’ll suddenly feel bad for the guy.

This is more life changing than you’ll ever know.

This is normal.

Food will always trump friends.

I wonder what his secret is.

“That’s me in the back.”

I need to become friends with that dinosaur, he seems like a reliable friend.

Please, please, everyone politely gather in a single file line.

How does one have friends when one doesn’t even have a future?

AKA just me because that’s all I need.

What difference does it make if the shoes in the photo has actual feet in them too?

As long as you’re receiving love in your inbox, that’s all that matters.

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