24 People Who Deeply Regret Their Online Purchases, But You’ll Get A Laugh Out Of It.

24 People Who Deeply Regret Their Online Purchases, But You’ll Get A Laugh Out Of It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

With the advancement of technology, it’s almost as if people don’t need to leave their house to do anything. You can have your grocery shopping done for you. Fast food can be brought to your house by a courier. You can go to school online. And any kind of shopping you want to do can be done from the comfort of your own home. It may seem like a pretty convenient way to get things accomplished, but some things are best bought from the store itself. These people are proof that Internet shopping isn’t always the best way to go.Upon closer inspection, they realized their great wave was made up of a bunch of pugs. If this fan of art also loves puppies, than we think they got a good deal.

Who wants a pillow case with some strange little boy on it? Seems a bit odd to us.

For a child. Only a child could successfully pull this off.

But on the other hand, they could use this to decide the color of their new office.

And this is exactly why. What are they going to do with two left shoes? Certainly not show off their awesome dance skills.

We truly hope she knows how to knit because that’s the only way she’s getting a blanket out of this.

But stuffing them with men’s underwear? There wasn’t anything else around for them to use? This is slightly disturbing.

Instead, they got a box full of security tags and a $60 cash coupon. They’re pretty much saying, “We don’t have time to process your order. Here’s $60 and could you deliver this for the store for us? We’re busy.”

You come across this and instantly get excited for it’s arrival. And then you get this in the mail! You can’t go anywhere in this. You can’t even look in the mirror wearing this. Talk about an epic fail.

You will literally never get an iPad for $5. Can’t even feel bad for this person. They walked right into it.

Perhaps it’s meant for a cat. Or a monkey. All we know is that this was not made for humans.

Maybe it’s a mask to look like a raccoon, or maybe she’s just doing it wrong. No, we don’t think so. That’s an extreme failure, for sure.

But this person orders one and it fits in her hand. Maybe she could use it for her pet lizards.

Maybe it turns into one after it gets wet. Or maybe the person packing it thought that they deserved a unicorn a bit more than the person paying for it.

Even if it had a head it would still be kind of weird.

Where is she going to wear this? A Beavis and Butthead convention?

Someone with really big hands or someone with really thick eyebrows.

They just use it to make them feel a little better. Or perhaps it’s a mustache comb. Regardless, no one is going to use it and it’s not worth the trouble of returning it. Might as well throw it away.

But why in the world are you buying fruit online? Go the farmer’s market right now!

That a giraffe got online and started placing orders? Or maybe they figured she would be walking on stilts while wearing these.

But we’re pretty sure they’re supposed to be bigger. Like big enough to cover a person.

And then they get this in the mail! We would be furious, unless they were making a dollhouse, of course.

Bet it’s safe to assume they weren’t too pleased when they got this. This horrible company made a mockery of their beautiful state.

But he doesn’t seem to be too upset by it. He even modeled it for everyone to see.

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