24 People Who Have Clearly Had Enough Of Pokémon Go.

24 People Who Have Clearly Had Enough Of Pokémon Go. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

More than likely, you’ve heard of the game Pokemon Go by now. Whether you’ve already become a part of the new obsession or observed people playing, you’ve probably formed an opinion of the game. Now before you unload all your negative thoughts and comments, please keep in mind that Pokemon Go has brought back a beloved game that used to be just as popular back in the day. Older people who play the game now are simply people who are reconnecting with their childhood. The 2d game or card game or animated show they used to watch has now become an augmented reality game, so can you really blame them for indulging? Alright now that we’ve got that aside, some of the people who play Pokemon Go do need to pay closer attention to their surroundings and be more respectful of others and others’ property. It’s not a surprise that many people have gotten fed up with the game and its players.How could they slaughter such cute creatures?!

News flash, there’s women out there playing pokemon too.

There’s obviously some type of hidden message here.

Clearly the dad is doing something wrong here, the kid should be playing with him!

But they are right, save your pokemon hunting and training for after hours!

But why the shade, ma?

I hope this guy made his choice wisely.

Or even drinking and driving for that matter. Put down your phones, people!

Just FYI, the first person to have completed their North American region pokedex was a 28 year old man who works 50 hour weeks at a tech company. Just let that settle in.

I wonder if the beloved couple are still together.

Thank you Dutch people! Some of these trainers seriously do need to be more aware of their surroundings.

Nonetheless, shame on your guests for leaving.

Or maybe the daughter pretended to need to use the restroom, in which case, bravo.

Before mom comes over and gives you a piece of her mind as well!

RIP to all those clothes that used to be dry.

How do you play Pokemon No, can you teach me your ways.

Surely it makes sense not to step into a police station for your game.

Did you really have to be that harsh, old man?

This man created a very similar flyer to the man above.

And they’re funny about it too.

Stop raining on people’s parades and let them enjoy while you enjoy your social media.

This zookeeper surely did and he’s having fun with it.

People are going outdoors and socializing with each other. For example, look here what happened in Australia when 2,000 people showed up for a Pokemon Go gathering.

If you play, good. If you don’t play, good. That’s all there is to it.

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