24 Pretty Hair Accessories That Literally Anyone Can Make.

24 Pretty Hair Accessories That Literally Anyone Can Make. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s summer and that usually means hot and sweaty days. For ladies with a full set of hair, it can be a struggle sometimes. You want your hair to look cute to match your cute summer outfit but unfortunately you always ends up just tying up your hair. It’s hard when your hair actually makes you sweat and uncomfortably more hot than you should be. What better way to keep your hair out of your face than with some cute DIY hair accessories that you can make on your own. Keep your hair in place and put together an overall look at the same time! Now not all of these DIYs are to keep your hair entirely out of your face. We’ve also added a few DIYs that’ll just make nice complimentary accessories to your hair. Choose one that you like and get to creating today!Glue different sized spike beads to a barrette so that it makes an inverted triangle shape. This unique look with add a pop to any of your outfits.

Spice up a plain barrette by adding shiny crystal and quartz pieces to them! Simply glue them on and you’re good to go with a new unique hair piece.

Add cute colors of your choice to your hair by wrapping a hair comb in embroidery thread of your choosing. Do different colors for a more fun look.

What’s a hair DIY post without a flower crown? Use grapevine as your base and then attach your flowers with floral tape. Pro tip: to make it look fuller, add lots of greenery.

Make hair clips in all your favorite patterns! Simply find pieces of all your favorite pattern paper and use mod podge to stick it to plain hair clips.

It’s a 2-in-1! Make a double sided headband so that you have two different patterns on each side. This way, you can choose which one you want.

If you never got over studs, this hair clip will be for you. Just glue studs to a blank barrette and then spray paint them the color you want them to be afterwards.

Why not have a real flower on your hair clip instead of a fake one for once? Simply cut off the stem from a flower of your choice and and hot glue it to the center of a bow.

Keep your hair out of your face with this cute DIY. Choose the fabric you want to use, cut them up into three pieces, and braid them together!

Turn your necklaces into headbands! All you need to do is inserting a hair tie to the ends of the necklace. Just use pliers to open up the rings and close them back up.

Recreate this rad chair hair tie by attaching a small piece of a gold chain to elastic. This hair tie will look good on both your ponytail and wrist.

This is probably the easiest hair tie DIY ever. All you need to do is attach a leather strip (you can buy a piece of leather and cut out the strips) to a hair tie with a twist tie.

If you don’t want to sport a flower crown, you can always recreate this hair band that’ll stand out. You can use it to wrap a topknot bun or a side braid.

Or attach pearl trim to your hair combs, it’ll create a super elegant look! This would go great with anything from simple as a t-shirt to something extravagant as a wedding dress.

Instead of using the conventional black hair tie, try turning your favorite patterned elastic into one instead. It won’t hurt your hair as much as the other one.

Make a tiny bow out of wool and then attach it to a scrunchy to recreate this cute accessory. It’ll be a nice touch to a big bun.

If you want to look bohemian for an upcoming event or simple on an everyday basis because you’re a gypsy by heart, try recreating this gold chain headpiece. All you need are gold chains, your favorite crystal necklace charms, and jump rings.

If you’re into big hair accessories, try making this huge and cute bow clip. Just make a big bow out of fabric, sew it in place, remove the center piece of your clip, and slip it through the back of the bow!

Make hair pins with your favorite words or phrases on them! It could be something as simple as “xoxo” or something catchy like “yolo.”

For a more edgy look, add a spike to your hair comb. Just super glue individual spikes to a hair comb.

Create something unique like this star hair pin. Just loop star buttons with craft wire, attach the wire to a plain barrette, and then add tiny rhinestone stars to the wire afterwards. Spray paint everything gold when finished.

It looks complicated, but this three-part headband is actually easier to make than you think. All you need to do is stitch the ends of three lace bands together.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on a nice looking antique button from the thrift store lately, finally purchase it and attach it to elastic to create a unique jeweled hair accessory of your own. It definitely adds a fancier touch.

If you have a leather purse with a skinny strap that you no longer use anymore, try removing the strap and turning it into a cute bow headband. You’re going to have to use glue to make the bow shape while squishing the leather together.

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