24 Spooky Halloween Decorations That Are Frighteningly Easy To Make.

24 Spooky Halloween Decorations That Are Frighteningly Easy To Make. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Forget Christmas decorations, Halloween is the holiday you should be focusing on the most when it comes to interior and exterior decor! It should always be your goal to be the scariest yet coolest house on the block every Hallow’s Eve. After all, Halloween is the day your home will have the most guests so might as well give them something to look at! Nonetheless, Halloween decorations can be expensive. The more haunting and eerie you want to look, the more money you have to dish out. But who says Halloween decorations can only be found in Halloween stores? You can make spooky decorations yourself with everyday supplies you might already have at home! Check out some of the DIY projects below to help you get started.Turn your hot chocolate into blood by adding a few drops of red food coloring! Add bat origami to the straws to make the drink look fit for a vampire.

Trash bags can be used for more than just holding your trash! Cut up your trash bags this year to create spider webs!

Transform some empty paper towel rolls into soaring candles! Paint them white and use hot glue to make “melted wax.” Hang them up with thin string and voila!

Now that you’ve used paper towel rolls, take advantage of your empty toiler paper rolls as well! Cut eye shapes into them and fill them with glowing lights. Place them into your garden bushes at night to create glaring eyes!

Mummify your front door with white paper streamers! Cut out white and black construction paper to create the eyes.

Need a cute yet spooky centerpiece for your table? Turn a mason jar into a jack-o-lantern! Paint the outside and fill the inside with LED tea lights.

This one’s a project you can do with your kids! All you need is black card stock, scissors and tape. After you’re done cutting out the bats, post them all over the exterior of interior walls of your house!

For a super haunting look to your home, create these homemade ghosts and hang them from porch railings or tree branches!

Use saran wrap, elmer’s glue, and red food coloring to create bloody handprints! You can even add a few fake drops of blood to complete the look.

If you want some playful Halloween decorations, try placing some skeletons out on the front yard sitting on lawn chairs. Give them sunglasses to make them look like they’re on vacation.

Recreate these scary looking spider eggs with just stocking and plastic spiders. It sounds simple but the final product is pretty gruesome looking.

Scare the heck out of your friends and family members with this head in a jar. Don’t worry, it’s not a real head, just a picture of one! Put the jar in the fridge for the best pranking results.

Who doesn’t love some pigs in a blanket? But let’s make them more festive by using long hot dogs and turning them into mummies! All you need is some a wooden sheet, a saw, sharpie marker, some acrylic paint, some spray paint, card board, tracing objects, permanent markers, lots of packing tape and command strips.

A brilliant way to decorate your home if you have a staircase! Cut out shapes of mice from black construction paper and place them all over the stairs and floors!

Transform some paper bags into luminaries simply by putting battery operated candles into them. Be sure to be creative with your designs!

Before you throw away all your empty milk jugs, save them for Halloween and turn them into lit up spirits! Put a group of these on your front porch or front walkway to greet all your guests.

If you already have a paper lantern in your house, why not temporarily make them by festive by decorating them with bats? You can hang them in the middle of your living room or on the front porch!

Make your home look scary from afar by putting up haunting silhouettes on all your windows! Include witches, zombies, deadly tools, and a knife-wielding murderer in your silhouettes!

If you’ve got some old dolls that you were ready to throw away, keep them and turn them into zombies instead. Rip their clothing, splatter them with red paint, and scatter them throughout your front or back yard!

If you have a pond or fountain in front of or near your home, take advantage of it and use it as one of your Halloween props! Place some fake hands into the pond or fountain for a scary look.

Subtle yet creepy! Recreate these special flowers by hot gluing a fake eyeball into the center of a fake rose or any other flower!

Make your very own special chandelier composed of various branch shapes so that when lit up in a dark room, it casts spooky forest shadows!

Create tombstones out of cardboard! Come up with creative names to place on the tombstones like “Yul B. Next” or “Phil Dirt.”

Make use of your empty pill bottles by turning them into spooky witch potion bottles! Use chalkboard paint to paint over the bottles and hot glue to create the labels.

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