24 Useful Tattoos That Have A Practical Application.

24 Useful Tattoos That Have A Practical Application. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A lot of people today like to get tattoos for a number of reasons. That’s why they’re so popular. Some might get one to honor someone special in their lives, some might get one to signify a milestone in their lives, or some simply get them just to have them as art on their body. Although none of these tattoos sound particularly useful to these people, they’re still very much special to them. There are, however, tattoos that exist that are actually used in a practical way. Usually these tattoos are useful to people in particular professions or people who might find themselves in specific situations. Some tattoos could even save a person’s life in a life or death crisis where the person’s unknown medical conditions are needed. Take a look below at some of the most handy and practical tattoos a person could have. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you think of a practical tattoo idea for yourself.Not a practical tattoo for everyone, but this portable eyesight checker would be great for ophthalmologists who travel around a lot or live on the countryside.

A great tattoo for any woodworker-designer, construction builder, or architect. When you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape on hand, this arm will be very helpful.

For situations where a person might end up in a tragic accident where they’ll be put on life support, these guidelines would be helpful for the doctors and nurses taking care of the patient.

A great tattoo for a chef or baker. Using teaspoons, tablespoons, and measuring cups can be a pain. Having these measuring tools literally on hand will make cooking go by a lot easier and faster.

A tattoo that is perfect for the commuter who takes the subway everyday. Never look at a map again that isn’t on your belly.

A handy tattoo for a person who likes to keep organized with their daily agendas. Just ink an empty to-do list onto a body part that is visible to you so you can jot down things you need to do on the go.

If you’re a person with a medical condition, it can be extremely useful for you to have it tattooed somewhere on your body for situations where you’re unconscious or unable to speak for yourself.

A great tattoo for mad scientists who are always in their lab. Also a clever way for any student to cheat on their chemistry exam.

For kids, these are great temporary tattoos for days at a crowded event or venue. It’s always better safe than sorry!

Or just for days that your kid may be separated from you to go on a field trip or away for a weekend of camping, it’d be nice to have them walking around with their allergies listed.

Get a tattoo that’ll help you cope with boredom for situations where you have to wait for something or simply when you’re at home with nothing else better to do.

It never hurts to know what the first 80 digits of Pi is. This could be a very useful tattoo to a mathematician.

Once again, a ruler tattoo but this time located in a different area for a much vainer purpose. Ok guy, cocky much?

For the person who always wanted to wear glasses but didn’t need them or a person who always forgets to put them on.

Give yourself an instant moustache when you tattoo a moustache onto one of your fingers. This is great for silly photos and people who can’t grow their own.

Some people who suffer from eye discoloration or scarring of the iris can get their corneas tattooed to disguise the scar or the fix the discoloration. However, this procedure is only recommended for patients who are already blind.

A keyboard tattoo is great to evoke inspiration for new songs. This would be a great tattoo for a person who is committed to a musician. Notice how we said committed and not dating (we don’t want anyone getting a tattoo dedicated to someone that they’ll end up breaking up with).

A cleverly placed tattoo to make a finger look like an actual lipstick. This is a creative way for people who work in makeup to advertise their services.

A great tattoo that is useful for sending one particular message you want to send to everyone, including people who are deaf.

A funny and handy tattoo for people who may be deaf or partially deaf on one side. Now people will know before repeatedly yelling at a person who can’t hear them.

Another great tattoo to help a person pass time or cope with boredom. However, this will only be useful to people other than the person who is tattooed. Now that’s what we call a good host.

These chords and instruction manual would be super convenient for a music teacher or simply a person who loves to teach basic chords to people.

Get coordinates to where your home is for rare situations where you might forget where you live from amnesia or getting hit on the head.

For the person who’s always hanging out with people who don’t know how to use chopsticks, just show your arm to every person who looks like they’re having trouble.

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