25 Acts Of Vandalism That Are Almost Works Of Genius.

25 Acts Of Vandalism That Are Almost Works Of Genius. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you hear the word vandalism, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a crime. But what if we told you that some forms of vandalism are downright genius works of art? We’re not talking about the usual juvenile disobedience often seen in bad neighborhoods. We’re talking about vandalism at its finest, as in, they’re so good they belong in a museum! So here are a couple of illegal pranks that are way too funny to ever be considered illegal. We just love it when people find humorous and creative ways of expressing themselves. If only we could see more of this stuff on the internet, it’d be great!Now who would take so much time to knit such a colorful leak. It’s like Care-A-Lot started hemorrhaging out of this pipe! We’re surprised no one took all that yarn and turned it into a sweater.

It’s like being a kid again. No matter how many times you tell someone not to do something, it just tempts you to do it even more. We’re sure that the Bills on this sign would totally agree.

So what happened when this business ad was posted on this wall? The vandal got creative and started erasing the good-doer’s phone number. Ha! Good luck calling now!

This may be the best one yet, and it’s such a creative way to stave off the boredom! But it doesn’t look like an act of vandalism, so really, the only outcome here is laughter.

Every city should consider hiring artists who can go around making the world a little more interesting to live in. This is so simple, and yet so cool at the same time.

It doesn’t take an artist to spell the truth out. You just need a really good marker to point out the hidden oxymoron in a company’s mission statement.

But sometimes you need someone to point out the obvious, especially when you’re one of those people that are in too much of a rush to ever look down.

But of course, it sure wouldn’t work quite as well, if this were in the UK where everyone calls their elevators lifts. But it’s clever anyway and aawwweessoommee!

It looks your shadow isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. We’re willing to bet that FedEx is behind this art to scare people into using them instead of regular mail.

Cowabunga, dude! This one’s slick! We sure wouldn’t mind seeing a statue rolling down the street. Now, which one of those three geniuses in the background did this so we can thank them?

Turning this bush into Marge is awesome! But poor Marge’s hair doesn’t appear to be its usual coral blue #5 color. We’ll almost feel bad when someone shops that foliage down.

We simply can’t stop giggling. Hopefully those hairy pits aren’t made out of stone. If they are, we’d love to know what kind of razor they own.

You get artistic and turn it into the Scooby gang’s Mystery Machine van. It looks so good that it’ll have you getting out of your car and shouting Scooby Dooby Doo!

We’d never have thought of this. But in this rough neighborhood, someone got creative and added a mini-Kong grabbing on to this corner, which now subs for a skyscraper. In honor of Harambe? Maybe?

We could almost imagine Vanna White walking past these mugs and modeling them with her pretty hands and swerving arms. This vandal deserves a toast.

It looks like a UFO is using its spaceship to levitate a cow onboard using some kind of tractor beam. It sure beats that hunk of metal on the left-hand side of the picture.

At least those two things have one thing in common, once you’ve paid money for them, you wish you’d never gotten them, and can’t wait to get rid of them.

Just because you own a sword, it doesn’t mean you have to swing it all the time. Thankfully, you can yo-yo your way towards a more peaceful existence.

This would definitely give anyone a heart attack while they’re jogging first thing in the morning. But at night, it would be even spookier. Quick, someone call an exorcist.

Don’t bother with the stairs either. Just find yourself a bucket of water and put out the fire. You’ll save yourself and others, unless it’s an electrical fire. Then you’re on your own.

Maybe these gnomes were just living there trying to find some peace in their existence, when some gigantic human decided to walk right over and take a photo.

Just ask Ryan Murphy, but not the one that created “American Horror Story”. With a bit of a makeover and some facial hair, the vandals turned Ryan into one cool dude!

But most complaints end up being thrown away, so this vandal decided to cement his complaint. Now that’s a permanent reminder that we need a little more green in our lives.

It seems like Darth Vader is alive and kicking, but the afterlife is not exactly how he probably pictured it. Serves him right for being such a villain.

Until this vandal came along, we didn’t have a clue. Now it would almost seem like a real shame if the city decided to fix this. It would defeat the purpose of this crook in the red cap.

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