25 Animals That Just Don’t Care.

25 Animals That Just Don’t Care. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It is true that some animals can be domesticated. After all, us humans dedicate a lot of time to training them to be house pets. But there will always be some moments that the animal’s wild instinct will take over and their training will go right out the window. Yes, they can be cute and cuddly, but we have to remember they will always have a savage side to them. And to be frank, animals couldn’t care less about how their actions affect others. Take a look at these wild creatures below and ask yourself if they look like they care.He also wants to know if this will change the time dinner will be served.

I actually wouldn’t mind, he looks pretty cute.

He decided floating was good enough. Swimming is for suckers.

He didn’t. He just stood there for 5 minutes. He doesn’t care that you will be late for work.

Looks like you’ve got a new hood ornament!

“I am the master here, the other two are my slaves.”

Maybe the dog’s sitting on everyone he likes?

This seal that jumped into a boat and strolled into a cabin making himself home on the couch.

“Go on, I’ll cover you. Don’t worry, I got you.”

Always go for the higher ground.

I think this new wiper is obstructing the view a bit.

Baby Jesus looks stunned! Blasphemous kitty.

And then turned around to find that the crust was approved by a kitty.

You can tell by the look of the dog’s face that he feels like the situation is unfair.

That’s got to be the most badass goat to exist.

It looks like when in movies they draw out where the corpses were.

The look of the cat at the end…”but, that’s not supposed to work like that!”

The worker is saying “No… you’re messing it up.” The duck replies, “Don’t you even talk to me… it was a bad morning anyway.” (*wad* *wad* *wad*)

But the cat won’t budge. Plus, he’s getting a free ride.

It looks like this cat is either curious at what it’s looking at or just mocking the dogs.

Can I get one cat involved please?

I knew there was a reason for these car-wrecking holes.

“Oooh hayyyyy, so… have a seat and tell me… how was your day?’

The look when you’re pissed and someone tries to make you laugh. Unaffected.

That pose… such elegance. Right on the dinner table where his humans will be dining.

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