25 Backyard DIY Projects That’ll Get You In The Mood For Summer.

25 Backyard DIY Projects That’ll Get You In The Mood For Summer. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

With summer upon us, most of you will be spending more time in your backyard gardening, BBQing, laying out in the sun, and enjoying time with friends and family. So all you will need are some fun do-it-yourself projects that’ll transform your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot. And lucky for you, we’ve got loads of them just below.Build this awesome inground fire pit so you can cuddle up with friends around the fire and make s’mores on cool summer nights.

If you’ve got the space in your backyard, create a cute little playhouse. It’s great for both adults and kids, not to mention the aesthetic appeal for pictures.

If you’re in need of a light source for your backyard at night, make these cute lanterns out of tin cans. They’ll have a soft glow that’ll illuminate your backyard. You can hang them anywhere from the porch’s railing to tree branches.

If you’ve cut down trees in your backyard, you probably have an ugly stump leftover. Take advantage of that tree stump and turn it into a cute outdoor serving table.

Jenga is even more fun when it’s giant sized. Cut big pieces of wood to recreate this life-size version of the game. But keep your feet out of the way once the pieces all fall down!

If you’ve got an empty spot next to your garden, use wooden pallets to create a fancy looking walkway like this one.

If you didn’t know, a Swedish flame is a flame that burns from the inside out. Impress your guests with this backyard flame that needs very minimal tending.

Summer is the best time to make s’mores outside. But instead of using plain skewers, swap them out for these stylish roasting forks! You can paint and use washi tape to help decorate them.

Sew a few pillows together to recreate these comfy outdoor pillow beds. Use a fabric of your choice and prepare to do some ultimate summer lounging.

Skip the bowling alley and bowl all night with this cool glow-in-the-dark bowling set! Just fill empty water bottles with glowing sticks and you’ve got your glowing pins!

Keep your very own ice cream parlor handy in your backyard for all your ice cold treats. Transform a cooler into a cool ice cream cart and voila, you’ve become the ice cream man/lady.

If there’s one thing you need in your backyard this summer, it’s a hammock! You can nap in it, read a book in it, or just hang out. Whatever it is, you won’t regret adding this lovely creation to your backyard.

Why purchase an actual game of Twister when you can just create it with spray paint on your lawn? To make the perfect dots, cut a 10-inch circle out of a pizza box to use as a stencil!

Once you make and add this to your backyard, everyone in the neighborhood will be asking if they can come over. The perfect addition to your home if you’ve got a spacious backyard! Pro tip: you’ll go faster if your body is covered in soap.

Add a tetherball set to your backyard to start some friendly tournaments. You could always buy a set for $100 or you can make one for half the price!

If you’ve got a pool and some old pool noodles you no longer use, repurpose them into cup holders! This way, you can enjoy your beverage without having to leave the pool!

Produce one big solution of soaps to create giant bubbles! Blowing up humungous bubbles will be a fun activity for both kids and adults!

Got an old filing cabinet laying around? Instead of throwing it away, try repurposing it into a cool planter. Simply flip it onto its side and replace the drawer spaces with soil and your plant of choice!

If you love playing four in a row, try playing the life size version! It’s a great game to play with your family and friends.

If you love those cornhole game boards, you can make one of your own with some sheets of plywood! The game is pretty simple but it definitely keeps both adults and kids pre-occupied during backyard barbecues.

What better project to bring to life in the hot summer than this water balloon slingshot? Water balloon fights have just been brought to a whole other level. This is what separates a fight from a war.

If your backyard isn’t big enough for an actual campfire, don’t worry! You can still make s’mores! Just build this mini fire pit out of a terra cotta pot and you’ll be able to roast marshmallows even in the smallest of spaces.

Not everyone gets their dream backyard pond. But whatever you can’t purchase, you can create! Build your own mini pond with plywood, cedar boards and a fountain top.

Create a mini water park for your backyard! All you’ll need to do is cleverly place PVC pipes together and then connect it to a water hose.

If you’re a fan of dominoes, then you should definitely invest in this project!

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