25 Beautifully Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses For Ballsy Brides.

25 Beautifully Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses For Ballsy Brides. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Every wedding that you’ve attended or seen photos of, more than likely had a bride in a traditional white gown. Yes, it’s tradition and yes, all these ladies look stunning, but it’s 2017. You can stick to the rules if you want, but keep in mind, they don’t necessarily have to be followed. Many brides out there have walked down the aisle in the most non-traditional of wedding dresses and they all looked equally stunning. Check out some of the trendiest and stylish non-traditional wedding dresses below. If you have a wedding coming up, it might change your mind about whatever dress you already have picked out.The jumpsuit is for fashion forward brides who want an alternative to the wedding gown. And when choosing a jumpsuit, there’s still a lot of options to sort through: laced, backless, deep v-neck, illusion bodice, and a lot more.

For a more chic and trendy look, a bride could incorporate geometric cutouts onto the waistline and have it run down on both side. The bride could also cover the bare skinned area with lace or sheer fabric.

A bright colored wedding gown not only makes a statement but immediately grabs the attention of others. A color like yellow is perfect for the quirky bride.

For all the brides who are hippies by heart, don’t fear! There are plenty of dresses out there that portray the exact style you love. The hint of yellow in this one is the perfect touch.

A simple wedding dress can be taken up a notch when a crop top is added. It may not sound appropriate at first, but you’ll be surprised by how elegantly chic it could look (especially if you add fringe).

A bride could upgrade any simple wedding dress with beautiful embroidering! The embroidered pattern can be neutral or colorful.

Floral wedding dresses are just what brides in the spring need! It’s soft and subtle but still bright and different.

For the ladies who love the retro look, they can channel their inner Marilyn Monroe with a similar dress to her timeless one. And it doesn’t have to be white, as you can see with the rosewater dress here.

For fancy brides who want to be bold and fabulous at the same time, gold is the only option. Just look at how much this bride is glowing in all that shimmery gold.

If a bride wants to go the complete opposite of a white gown, then she’s looking for the bold option. This has actually been fashion designers’ latest inspiration: showcasing bridal gowns that incorporate colors of the rainbow in attempts of diminishing the ivory gown stereotype.

Champagne’s a nice color that’s not too different from white but different enough to have its own elegance and je ne sais quoi. The unique color really speaks for itself.

A victorian and gothic style can actually be quite elegant. Not only are they unique, they often come in bold colors like red, black, or purple. But if you’re going to rock a dress like this, keep in mind your wedding’s theme and decor much match!

A blush/pink dress can be stunning and ethereal at the same time. It’s subtle but different enough to be unique and gorgeous in its own way.

The two piece look is not just trendy and super-chic, but also very cost-effective compared to the traditional gown. In addition, the two pieces can be recycled after wedding day and re-worn separately.

Why obtain “something blue” when you can wear it down the aisle? The perfect dress to wear in a summer wedding.

The pantsuit is perfect for all the tomboy brides out there. Not only is it comfy but also very chic.

This one’s for the brides who want both traditional and non-traditional. They can still wear their traditional white dress but add a hint of color to either the headpiece, the laces on the back, or i this case on the bottom of the dress.

But why stop at once color? This is another great example of the dip dye but with multiple colors! Doesn’t it look fabulous?

This one’s for all the bohemian babes out there. These types of dresses commonly have a flowing style with lace overlay. They usually are backless or have a keyhole back as well.

Not all wedding dresses have to flow to the floor. They can also be short and minimal and look just as great. Look at how adorable this dress is.

Did someone say ruffles? It may look traditional on top, but it’s a party on the bottom. Tropical red and orange ruffles — this is for the bride who wants to make a statement going down the aisle.

This one’s for the brides who love their sparkles, glitz, and glam. The dazzling can come from crystals, rhinestones, peals, and much more! The best hues to choose for this style are silver, golden, and ivory.

Another sparkly dress, but this one is composed of sequin! Another great option for ladies who love the sparkly and glitter look.

These dresses are more for girls who are into the fairy-like image. Add some color to that tulle and you have one of the best non-traditional wedding dresses.

This is the “go big or go home” edition. If both the bride and the groom are big comic book fans, why not have a superhero theme? And with such a theme, you gotta have a dress to match.

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